Citizen’s McGregor: “Conservatives taking its cues from Sun News”


You have to admire the sheer audacity of a Press Gallery reporter who claims that there is no such thing as the anti-Conservative Media Party:

Conservatives seems to be taking its cues from Sun News Network, a TV channel with close ties to the governing party. Sun hosts repeatedly use the phrase “Media Party” and allege a conspiracy by journalists — other than their own — to attack conservative politicians and bolster the Liberal leader.

While the Harper Tories have long taken an adversarial posture toward the parliamentary press gallery, the notion that journalists are in league against the Tories has featured prominently this year in party fundraising drives. (see here)

While writing on the same day this ridiculous story about video clips of Senator Mike Duffy doing promo spots for the Conservatives:

The virtual Duffy site was rediscovered this week by the Citizen and then quickly archived by an Ottawa computer programmer Kevin O’Donnell before the party removed it this week.

O’Donnell, who is also the Green Party provincial candidate in Ottawa Centre, wrote a computer program to robotically send a long list of commonly used first names to the site and capture the video greetings the digital Duffy sent back. (see here)

And only the guy who wrote 100+ robocall stories for his newspaper can’t see the blatant hypocrisy and irony here.




11 Responses to “Citizen’s McGregor: “Conservatives taking its cues from Sun News””

  1. mahmood Says:

    Curiosity, was that pic taken at a peeler joint?…yeehaw.

  2. Alain Says:

    His hissy fit just proves once again that yes indeed media party is correct. Had he or his fellow travellers bothered to follow SNN he would know that SNN also takes the CPC to task when the shoe fits. That is totally unlike the media party who will ignore and refuse to report on the most corrupt and blatant scandals committed by Liberals or even the NDP. What a pitiful little “man”.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    100 stories re robocall so who was convicted? A Liberal in Guelph, sure has been quiet since.
    Was anyone else convicted?
    Now is this Batman or Robin?
    The Media has been in full hissy mode for 6 years does McGregor think we haven’t noticed.
    The Press Gallery hate Harper.
    They still think that they make and break politicans, maybe they did before the internet, no longer.

  4. Tripper523 Says:

    Ignorant and/or delusional and/or in denial. Anyway it’s sliced, the aforementioned “Media Party” remains the most effective machine of the Opposition, and it has consistently shown its colours by trying to discredit PM Harper ever since he formed a government. Always those labels of “hidden agenda”, “extremists”, “prejudiced”, etc. have been directed at the CPC, which has reciprocated with decent and responsible government. It’s been a disgraceful phenomenon since the inception of The Reform Party, and has dogged the Conservative movement ever since, even though we have a proven successful administration and easily the best PM in several decades. I think it’s just in their blood, these clambering bunch of diabolical wannabes and sowers of discontent. Journalists and media members should simply stand clear and let the Opposition parties exercise their freedoms to earnestly build their platforms to provide viable alternatives if they can. They’ve become too involved and have assumed the role of a propaganda tool which disrupts the normal and natural flows within the Canadian political process. Hence, they themselves, the so-called Media Party, have actually become the main Opposition, a powerful and obscene outside force, which perverts the intentions of Parliament.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    “which perverts the intentions of Parliament” Yes they do that Tripper, they also attempt to suborn the duly elected Government of this Canada of OURS.
    Be afraid CBC, we the people, have your measure and no longer regartd you as needed or even necessary
    We tossed the Liberals into the outer darkness, you are next..
    As long as CBC wet-nurse Junior he will be trying to play with the big boys with his CBC training wheels firmly in place.

  6. Martin Says:

    McGregor’s own paper included in the week end travel section a paean to that great “famous freedom fighter” and humanitarian Che Guevara and his Cuban chocolate factory.
    One may forgive adolescents for adorning walls and clothing with Che pictures, but the Citizen purports to be a serious newspaper,
    Conrad Black described The Citizen best, when he called it a purveyor of soft Liberal mush. McGregor fits within this framework very well.

    • MadMacs of Bytown Says:

      You mean the publication that’s still looking for an appropriate flag to adorn its masthead?

  7. fhl Says:

    that is too bizarre MM are scraping the bottom of the sludge barrel
    Mike Duffy is recuperating from serious heart surgery the MM are maggots they have no shame
    What do they hope to achieve?
    anyone with a brain will not be amused

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