Star’s Delacourt admits to knowing about unethical Press Gallery members?

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In Preston Manning’s op-ed in the Globe and Mail, he calls-out the Parliamentary Press Gallery members for not living up to their own code of ethics:

Section 10 of that constitution provides for the expulsion of a member by a majority vote of the members for only one reason: “… that such member uses his membership or the facilities of the Gallery to obtain a benefit other than by journalism …”

And alludes that he has inside information on who in the Press Gallery have been unethical by feathering their own nests:

Most of its members are sincere, dedicated individuals who adhere to and practise high professional and ethical standards. (see here)

The Toronto Star’s Susan Delacourt responded in the Press Gallery’s defense with her own column but actually ended up supporting Manning’s assertion:

I can tell you, with some certainty, that I would be in a considerable amount of trouble with my employer if I had ever lobbied for a Senate or government appointment while reporting on federal politics. I’m not saying this hasn’t happened…(see here)

Delacourt must now name all journalists (past and present) who she may be aware of that lobbied for a Senate or government appointment.

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10 Responses to “Star’s Delacourt admits to knowing about unethical Press Gallery members?”

  1. Sue Says:

    They’d only be named if they’ve retired, deceased or already been fossilized as a sitting or dead Senator. Some say that is the same thing.

  2. bocanut Says:

    Poor Susan is still trying to remember who her friend Don Burroughs is.

  3. RJ65 Says:

    It just shows how unprofessional Journalism has become. If I were to do this, my organization would turf me in a heartbeat.

    • RJ65 Says:

      That being said, I disagree with the use of “may” in the requirement that Delacourt must name names. Doing so without proof would lead to a costly defamation suit against her. You cant throw bombs like that around without having proof.

  4. Tripper523 Says:

    This woman has lots of crude-entrails, but has for years been pressured to defend her own wayward integrity while denying persistent accusations of complicity with Liberal factions, either by creed or association. That she has admired and respected Preston Manning is likely her greatest credential, but is actually an attribute of contradiction.

  5. Sean M Says:

    I’m sure Susan knows some terribly disturbing details surrounding her PPG comrades, although i won’t be holding my breath waiting for the details from someone like Delacourt. Like a lot of the Media Party mouth peices, Delacourts act has worn terribly thin over the years and for me the nauseating spectacle of Susan weeping at Iggos resounding defeat after the last election tells the story for it’s self. Can anyone imagine Delacourt weeping after a defeat of Stephen Harper, yeah, me neither. Yeah, I know she gave some other excuse for her emotional state that night, but seriously, who’s she kidding. I await Susan informing her readers to the identities of her media comrades that she knows are on the take, although we could be waiting a very long time.

  6. Liz J Says:

    The state of the Liberals with the defeat of Martin could only bring tears to Liberals and their friends in the media.
    Their demise was of their own making with the Chretien-Martin divide festering for a decade or more until the Martin gang gave the Shawinigan strangler the last push. He went on to get even, further buggering up “his’ party for the long term.

    Anyone know if Susie’s book “Juggernaut” was a resounding best seller?

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