Polling company’s vice president calls Canadian conservatives anti-gay bigots


The above tweet is from Derek Leebosh who is the Vice President, Public Affairs for Environics Research:

leebosh 1

I have sent the two people listed on the company’s contact page (Barry Watson and Tony Coulson) this email:

I am writing you today in hope that Environics Research will publicly condemn the attached tweet from your Vice President of Public Affairs Derek Leebosh where he smears Canadian conservatives as anti-gay bigots.

I find it stunning that you would have someone who would write such a vile remark about a huge segment of Canadian society as your Public Affairs VP.

I await your response.


Dean Skoreyko

I will update if and when I hear back.


13 Responses to “Polling company’s vice president calls Canadian conservatives anti-gay bigots”

  1. andycanuck Says:

    Do you really think Canada’s liberal-leftist media would be downplaying this death (suicide, OD?) if it happened to Mrs Ford?

  2. Liz J Says:

    Where is the “right wing feeding frenzy” happening? I haven’t heard anything untoward on this at all. It’s not about gay or straight, it’s a human, personal tragedy. Why would anyone even comment on it to make a political point by smearing all Conservatives?
    This guy is a lout. No wonder the pollsters are losing credibility along with their accuracy.

  3. mahmood Says:

    The *frenzy* is this asshat using a terrible tragedy to smear Cons. Despicable behavior to say the least.

  4. Mary Hines Says:

    THANKS – BC Blue – without people like “YOU” and Sun Media – we wouldn’t have a chance!…. Evan and Peter and his Merry Panel’s main objective is “bash the Conservatives” at any cost – even if they leave out the “WHOLE FACTS”.. they are becoming less and less credible all the time and more of our “Group” have tuned them out completely! Thanks again……

  5. Bec Says:

    Where is the ‘frenzy’? Had I not happened to check in today, then google this family tragedy, I would not have even known it had occurred. I know of no conservatives that even have this on their radar and in fact, once they did would acknowledge and feel compassion for the desperation of depression. It’s a hard thing to experience and it does not pick political preferences, gender, age or 100 other things. It just happens and the above tweet is from an idiot. Someone that should not be allowed to tweet or be VP of anything. (imho)

  6. Mary Hines Says:

    Ask him to please “quote” where the right wing frenzy is!!…. Didn’t even know about it until I read his quote!

  7. Alain Says:

    The only frenzy, which just keeps giving, is the one by Leftists attacking Mayor Ford.

  8. Agent Smith Says:

    ‘Frenzy’ ? – LOL talk about projecting.

  9. Tripper523 Says:

    People die every day. I don’t know why there has to be a firestorm because it’s the gay issue coming to the forefront in a higher profile relationship. I’d be looking at the reasons for the depression which led to the death. Everyone’s expected to jump on the bandwagon to fuel their agendas. Anyway, I have a few friends who happen to be of the same-sex orientation, or “gay” if you wish, in keeping with the universal happiness clause. They’re not banner-waving, parade-marchers, but they’re staunch Conservatives. I think if Canadian conservatives were truly anti-gay bigots, then those I know would not be subscribing to “right wing” ideals. The typical conservative is more diversified than many outside observers tend to recognize. I think this is just a stereotypical cop-out, staged by loosely insecure and frustrated Lefties, who will just never get it right.

  10. Maryls Says:

    There is a frenzy going on, but it is all the lefties posting condolences as though Smitherman would be following all the tweets. What it really is is everyone wanting to show the rest of us how politically correct they are with references to Smitherman’s “special” family. This is a sad event, but I think the excessive twitter postings are tacky.

  11. CBC panellist Adam Goldenberg breaks internal policies by threatening people’s employment | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Also related: See yesterday’s post where the VP of the polling company Environics called Conservatives anti-gay bigots here […]

  12. Ann Says:

    I almost never post comments anywhere, content to read a lot, but occasionally something stirs me enough that I feel compelled to put in my two cents worth.

    Depression has no boundaries and tragic consequences, as this story reveals, are felt by all walks of life. Having this story in the media, IMO, may help raise the awareness of depression, perhaps something good may come from this yet?

    What I do not understand is the reference to some sort of “frenzy” taking place on the internet by conservatives – where?? I have NOT seen a single negative comment from anyone identifying themselves as a conservative, only sympathy and compassion for a fellow human being and their family.

    If the best anyone can come up with, which is doubtful, is someone posted somewhere a comment purporting to be conservative (read anonymous) I would challenge that the hateful author is not a “conservative” but rather a mean spirited sh*t disturber looking for reaction and attention.

    One lone idiot or his/her small fan club of idiots is not indicative of an entire group. Anyone who perpetuates it further, such as Mr. Leebosh, are not much better of a person and should have to apologize for being so callous and indifferent, hurting the grieving family even further.

  13. Thucydides Says:

    It is a left wing frenzy of the sort Orwell wrote about in 1984: the “Two Minute Hate”.

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