CBC panellist Adam Goldenberg breaks internal policies by threatening people’s employment

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In a personal vendetta against some Twitter users (by outing and labelling them as anti-gay bigots) Adam Goldenberg stepped over the line by bullying, harassing and trying to damage their jobs and businesses:

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I’ve blacked-out the personal info believing that enough harm has been done to these people by Goldenberg and his pack of new-age Liberal McCarthyites and I encourage them to file a complaint with the CBC and the CBC Ombudsman based on the policies set by the CBC:

Personal use of social media:

– We maintain professional decorum and do nothing that can bring the Corporation into disrepute.

– In our personal social media activity, we are mindful of our professional association with CBC.

– Policy 2.2.15 Anti-Discrimination and Harassment: CBC/Radio-Canada will not tolerate any behaviour, including from independent contractors and other individuals with whom CBC/Radio-Canada does business

Also related: See yesterday’s post where the VP of the polling company Environics called Conservatives anti-gay bigots here

Update: Goldenberg has now had a complaint filed against him with Yale Security.

It stems from a back-and-forth between Goldenberg and another person on Twitter who made the comment that he was ‘grateful Goldenberg was at least leaving kids out of it’ when Goldenberg responded with these two tweets:

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The person took it as Goldenberg taunting his kids by saying they have nice eyes and that he sees the family through their house window.

Not only did he file a complaint with Yale, he also emailed Goldenberg asking for an apology.

I received permission to post this and asked to be kept informed – will update when more information comes along.

Update: Now, that didn’t take long did it? Goldenberg has now just sent an email expressing his “regret”.

Update: Goldenberg has now posted a column about outing people on the internet but omits mentioning his own vile behaviour (see here)


16 Responses to “CBC panellist Adam Goldenberg breaks internal policies by threatening people’s employment”

  1. guffman Says:

    CBC has a lot of internal guidelines and rules of conduct on the books, but we rarely see any enforcement of them. I think they’re just there to make it appear as if they actually had some kind of respectable ethics and principles. Their actions consistently prove otherwise.

  2. Bec Says:

    Until someone gets hauled on to the carpet for their rant, this stuff will just get worse and as suggested above by guffman, CBC does seem to have selective vision.

    Interpretation of a twitter/online comment(s) in this particular story seems to suggest that if a commenter questions aspects of the Smitherman situation, they are anti gay. I see no indication of that, anywhere. I see questions raised about drug use, mental health issues and subsequently being approved to adopt children. Questions, justified simple inquiries that have nothing to do with the same sex marriage aspect. Any union of any type would be expected to be scrutinized appropriately where adoption placement is considered. These are things a journalist may instinctively question after a tragedy such as this occurs. Paranoia is running rampant.

  3. Monkey Says:

    Do you know if Goldbenberg is a paid employee or someone like Kevin O’Leary, Andrew Coyne, David Herle etc. Who give their opinions. If a paid employee then this is unacceptable, but if just expressing a personal view I am a staunch free speech supporter. I believe trying to silence one’s views no matter how outrageous (and yes I would defend the right of neo-nazis and KKK to speak freely as vile as they are) is the wrong way to go. Outrageous views should be countered through more not less free speech. Now if a paid employee of CBC I fully agree as it is taxpayer funded.

    • BC Blue Says:

      He’s paid – what’s the difference if he’s a full-time employee or a contractor? Same pot.

    • Bec Says:

      Monkey, I agree entirely with you re free speech and these questions but the difference WHEN REPRESENTING a company and in this case, CBC, a person needs facts to back up their opinions (or is it slander??).Companies have social media policies and many people don’t engage for that reason.

      For example, Ezra Levant can and does give real examples, Mark Stein does as well back up their notions/opinion pieces.
      There are numerous examples but what these tweets suggest imo of course is interpretation of comments, i.e. outrage over what wasn’t there and THEN go on to implicate guilt, naming employment etc. etc.

      CBC does appear to reject this behaviour and so despite the fact that we don’t know WHO said what, we do know that someone who is being “paid” $ by CBC has allegedly accused someone using social media. That just cannot be accepted imo.

      This stuff goes viral (cue Rob Ford) and people lose their lives and livelihood. Especially conservative commenting people and for the most part, they tend to be the most careful.

      An interesting situation for sure. Happy New Year to all.

      • Monkey Says:

        I take a libertarian view which is the government should not subsidize the media, but if it does journalists should be professional. But when taxpayer’s pay no contributions individuals should be able to say whatever they want. It’s not a matter of me agreeing with their views, it is that I cherish free speech and will defend anyone’s right to it no matter what their views are. The best solution though is have CBC adopt the PBS model whereby those who support them can fund them and those who don’t, don’t have to pay for them.

  4. burton Says:

    Watched the whole thing unfold yesterday – Good work Dean.

  5. mahmood Says:

    Odd, I don’t recall this character outing anonymous commenters regarding the death of Senator Doug Finley. Must have missed his handiwork on the Finley file…

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