Warren Kinsella and his squeeze Lisa Kirbie get kicked out of NY mayor ceremony

kinsella kirbie

From the NY Post:

Newly-engaged Toronto lovebirds Warren Kinsella and Lisa Kirbie, friends of a Mayor de Blasio associate, said they’d been sitting in the “gold” section for half an hour when a staffer suddenly gave them the boot.

But instead of going quietly, Kinsella and Kirbie made sure 3 kids got kicked out as well:

“She said there were City Councilors who needed our seats,” said Kinsella. “We pointed to a row of three nice kids in front of us. ‘Are they City Councilors?’” Kinsella says he asked.

“They’re going to be moved too,” the staffer responded. (see here)

The always classy Warren Kinsella.


Harper needs to immediately remove Chuck Strahl as SIRC Chair

chuck strahl

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a big problem on his hands now that it has been reported (see here) his appointed Chair to the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), Chuck Strahl has registered to lobby the BC Liberals on behalf of Northern Gateway Pipelines:

StrahlBesides breaking an ethical promise to not lobby governments when he was originally given this patronage appointment:

He’ll continue to build his consultancy, helping companies create and execute business strategies, but he “won’t lobby” governments. He said he never has. In the event a potential problem does arise, he’ll “call up [Canada’s] ethics commissioner and consult with her. I even called her when this appointment first came up.” (see here)

Strahl has some blatant conflicts of interest when it comes to both security issues and BC pipelines:

Mark strahl

1) His son Mark Strahl (who he had installed as the Conservative MP candidate when he retired) happens to also be the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs (see here)

strahl throness

2) His former chief-of-staff Laurie Throness (who he acted as campaign manager for) is a member of the BC Liberal’s Cabinet Committee on Secure Tomorrow (see here)

All this is made even worse since Strahl replaced the criminal charged Arthur Porter (see here).

porter0529 porter 02.jpg

Harper needs to immediately remove Chuck Strahl as SIRC Chair, apologise and promise to start taking background checks seriously:

Strahl doesn’t know how deeply his background was probed, only that “process wasn’t onerous. I’m a known commodity” (see here)

Update: It gets even worse as Strahl has actually been working for Enbridge since 2011 (see here)

Update: And the hits keep coming. Now we find out Stahl is also a lobbyist for a native-own energy company which does business with the Chinese (see here)

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