Global warming alarmist sitting inside Conservative caucus


Kitchener-Waterloo Conservative MP Peter Braid is why you never blindly support someone just because they represent your political party:

In what is being considered a first by a member of the federal Conservatives, Kitchener-Waterloo MP Peter Braid stated publicly on CBC News Network’s Power and Politics that recent extreme weather and climate change are connected.

“We are seeing the effects, the impacts of climate change,” Braid told host Evan Solomon on Monday. “With climate change comes extreme weather events. We saw that through the floods in southern Alberta, we’re now seeing that with the ice storms in Kitchener-Waterloo and Toronto, with the extreme cold across the country.”

Solomon later asked Braid to confirm he was saying that extreme weather and climate change are related, to which Braid replied, “Absolutely, I’m confirming I said that.” (see here)

Braid is the reason why we see things like the moronic light bulb ban (see here) come out of this Conservative government.

If I was in this riding, I would be doing everything that I could to ensure Braid is defeated in the next nomination race.

Also: Braid was the MP who Sun News’s Brian Lilley caught celebrating the opening a new CBC branch (see here)


Video: National Post’s Jonathan Kay goes on CBC to bash Sun News as “government research department”


How unethical is it for another news organization’s journalist to get paid to appear on the CBC and then attack one of the CBC’s television competitors?

That’s exactly what the National Post’s Jonathan Kay did when he appeared on CBC’s 3 to Watch and gave this as advice to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau:

“Sun News has become the research department for the [Harper] government” (watch here apx 4:45 mark)

Now check out what you won’t ever see Kay discussing on the CBC (see here).

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