Video: National Post’s Jonathan Kay goes on CBC to bash Sun News as “government research department”


How unethical is it for another news organization’s journalist to get paid to appear on the CBC and then attack one of the CBC’s television competitors?

That’s exactly what the National Post’s Jonathan Kay did when he appeared on CBC’s 3 to Watch and gave this as advice to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau:

“Sun News has become the research department for the [Harper] government” (watch here apx 4:45 mark)

Now check out what you won’t ever see Kay discussing on the CBC (see here).


5 Responses to “Video: National Post’s Jonathan Kay goes on CBC to bash Sun News as “government research department””

  1. dance...dancetotheradio Says:

    This is only to be expected now that the cable companies have been compelled by the CRTC to merely offer SunTV come spring.

  2. Tripper523 Says:

    Yeah, Jonathan Kay surely showed his imperfection in that one, talking about a “3 or 4 second gaffe” in a speech! Sun Media happens to actually be the “people’s” loyal opposition to help balance the scales against the MSM, of which CBC is a primary component. Indeed, public funds do NOT buy quality TV, so a rational person should be grateful for our “northern Fox”. It seems evident that there is a paranoia about anything which might be construed as an arsenal of “positive reporting” for the current federal government. To think that it is a contrived, “research department” for the Conservatives is totally absurd, but it does indicate that this paranoia and anti-Harper sentiment has the potential to be more widespread than one would think is practically possible.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Wonder what category Kay would put the CBC in? Has he ever noticed it’s the media arm of the Liberal Left and blatantly so? Has he got a problem with truth and balanced political coverage?
    Sun News is fair and balanced in comparison to the major networks.

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