Conservative MP caught ripping-off taxpayers expensing NY trip

brown mulroney

Yesterday we saw how Stephen Harper has a global alarmist nutbar in his caucus (see here) and today we find out he also has at least one trying to disguise doing MP work so he can bill taxpayers for personal trips:

Taxpayers picked up the $1,416.06 tab for Conservative backbencher Patrick Brown to travel to the New York City Marathon in November as a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes.

Brown, the MP for the southern Ontario riding of Barrie, posted an expense report on his MP web site stating that he incurred the expense to “meet with United Nations’ officials in New York City.” (see here)

Remember when we as Conservatives used to go absolutely ape when the Liberals did this kind of thing?

Update: Brown has pulled the expense now (see here) but he should still be removed from the Conservative caucus regardless.

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