Conservative MP caught ripping-off taxpayers expensing NY trip

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Yesterday we saw how Stephen Harper has a global alarmist nutbar in his caucus (see here) and today we find out he also has at least one trying to disguise doing MP work so he can bill taxpayers for personal trips:

Taxpayers picked up the $1,416.06 tab for Conservative backbencher Patrick Brown to travel to the New York City Marathon in November as a fundraiser for juvenile diabetes.

Brown, the MP for the southern Ontario riding of Barrie, posted an expense report on his MP web site stating that he incurred the expense to “meet with United Nations’ officials in New York City.” (see here)

Remember when we as Conservatives used to go absolutely ape when the Liberals did this kind of thing?

Update: Brown has pulled the expense now (see here) but he should still be removed from the Conservative caucus regardless.


7 Responses to “Conservative MP caught ripping-off taxpayers expensing NY trip”

  1. Liz J Says:

    What would a Conservative MP expect to learn from the dregs at the UN? They don’t like Canada, despots and dictartrs vote against us, we should be pulling out of the thing. He was obviously there to run the marathon not visit the UN. fine, pay for it like all others who do such things.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Not only caught red-handed but then doubled-down on the BS expense claim

      • Liz J Says:

        We need to send him an email whether he’s in our riding or not, he’s in the party we support. Nothing worse than shifty politicians treating us like we are all stupid.

        • Roy Elsworth Says:

          become a member and vote for the person who runs against him if he gets a seat chalange

  2. Tripper523 Says:

    The hypocrisy among politicians never ends. This was clearly MP Brown’s personal venture and he raised some money for a cause he believes in. So be it. I’m sure his salary is decent enough to pay his own personal expenses. The public trough is already in slothful disarray. Let this government take the steps necessary to clean it up, and make it a priority in 2014 to be less assimilating of deceitful Liberal practices.

  3. Sean M Says:

    I agree with Tripper523, clearly MP’s are paid very well and Brown should have paid for the trip from his taxpayer funded salary… The BSing about the UN just makes it look worse.

  4. Brad maynard Says:

    Just what is it some of these guys don’t get? STOP SPENDING MONEY ON STUPID ****!!!!!!!
    I hate to say it but this is becoming a govt which has been in power too long. Problem is they are still the only choice out there since the rest of them will pummel us with carbon taxes and govt programs. Times are tough being an informed voter. (Sigh)

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