Exclusive: Organization who had people removed from Harper event by RCMP responds

We Are Change Victoria

After getting nowhere asking the Times Colonist reporter and others about who and how it was possible for two men to receive media passes at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s event yesterday (see here) I received a tip that someone had posted their names and organization in the comment section below the original newspaper story.

I then emailed this organization We Are Change Victoria and below is the correspondence between myself and their spokesperson:

It is rumoured that two people from your organization were removed by the RCMP at the Brentwood College School event. Could you please confirm or deny if this is true?

Thank you


Hi Dean,

The rumours are true. I’ve enclosed a photo of the press pass I received from the Conservatives media liaison Alex.

Our group is non-partisan and we approach all the Party’s the same way. Our crew doesn’t fit with any mainstream Party ideology. Our focus is on Life, Liberty and Property Rights with the objective of holding all politicians accountable for abuses against peaceful people and their unalienable rights.

There was never any intention to disrupt the Conservative event, only to record the proceedings and report on the event.

The RCMP were really nice and we left the school property without hassle.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

WACV Volunteer


Thank you very much for your response. Your intention was not to deceive and that you approached and received a media pass from “Alex” honestly but was not allowed to enter by Harper’s RCMP security detail as you obviously don’t have media accreditation?



We’ve been independent media for several years with a regular tv show on Shaw Cable Channel 4 (Victoria) and Channel 11 (Vancouver). Apparently, section two of the Charter for ‘Freedom of the Press’ only includes ‘accredited’ media who are subservient to institutionalized journalism.

We’ve covered interviews with Justin Trudeau, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Thomas Mulcair, Elizabeth May, Andrew Weaver, Murray Rankin, Randall Garrison, John Horgan, and Carole James just to name a few.

We had zero intention to deceive and provided the Conservative media liaison with all our factual info (name, phone, email). We followed their protocol and were respectful of the process.

There are pieces of Legislation that the Harper Conservatives passed by Royal Assent which are commendable, such as, the Citizens Arrest and Self Defense Act; amending the Criminal Code to give individuals more authority to protect themselves and their property.

Then there are other actions which some would argue that MPs should be held for treason for acts of aggression in Libya and Iraq via NATO.

I thought Stephen used to be a Libertarian leaning politician but he seems to have lost his way.

WACV Volunteer



h/t @RossOilsands


RCMP remove two men wearing media badges at Harper event

harper protest

This throw-away line from a Times Colonist piece certainly needs further investigating:

As part of strengthened security, RCMP removed two men wearing media badges minutes before Harper took the stage at Brentwood College’s Crooks Hall. (see here)

This happened a day after two eco-nutbars crashed the stage dressed as waiters during another Harper event at a Vancouver Board of Trade function.

Two questions immediately pop into mind:

1) How was it possible for these two to receive official media passes?

2) What are the names of these two men who posed as accredited media?

Update: Here’s the media notice for Harper’s Jan 7th Brentwood College School event:

Media are required to present proper identification for accreditation. (see here)

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