Exclusive: Organization who had people removed from Harper event by RCMP responds

We Are Change Victoria

After getting nowhere asking the Times Colonist reporter and others about who and how it was possible for two men to receive media passes at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s event yesterday (see here) I received a tip that someone had posted their names and organization in the comment section below the original newspaper story.

I then emailed this organization We Are Change Victoria and below is the correspondence between myself and their spokesperson:

It is rumoured that two people from your organization were removed by the RCMP at the Brentwood College School event. Could you please confirm or deny if this is true?

Thank you


Hi Dean,

The rumours are true. I’ve enclosed a photo of the press pass I received from the Conservatives media liaison Alex.

Our group is non-partisan and we approach all the Party’s the same way. Our crew doesn’t fit with any mainstream Party ideology. Our focus is on Life, Liberty and Property Rights with the objective of holding all politicians accountable for abuses against peaceful people and their unalienable rights.

There was never any intention to disrupt the Conservative event, only to record the proceedings and report on the event.

The RCMP were really nice and we left the school property without hassle.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

WACV Volunteer


Thank you very much for your response. Your intention was not to deceive and that you approached and received a media pass from “Alex” honestly but was not allowed to enter by Harper’s RCMP security detail as you obviously don’t have media accreditation?



We’ve been independent media for several years with a regular tv show on Shaw Cable Channel 4 (Victoria) and Channel 11 (Vancouver). Apparently, section two of the Charter for ‘Freedom of the Press’ only includes ‘accredited’ media who are subservient to institutionalized journalism.

We’ve covered interviews with Justin Trudeau, Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton, Thomas Mulcair, Elizabeth May, Andrew Weaver, Murray Rankin, Randall Garrison, John Horgan, and Carole James just to name a few.

We had zero intention to deceive and provided the Conservative media liaison with all our factual info (name, phone, email). We followed their protocol and were respectful of the process.

There are pieces of Legislation that the Harper Conservatives passed by Royal Assent which are commendable, such as, the Citizens Arrest and Self Defense Act; amending the Criminal Code to give individuals more authority to protect themselves and their property.

Then there are other actions which some would argue that MPs should be held for treason for acts of aggression in Libya and Iraq via NATO.

I thought Stephen used to be a Libertarian leaning politician but he seems to have lost his way.

WACV Volunteer



h/t @RossOilsands


17 Responses to “Exclusive: Organization who had people removed from Harper event by RCMP responds”

  1. Tripper523 Says:

    Well, this WACV definitely has some moxie to their manoeuvres. The fact that they are non-partisan, investigative, and persistent with their diverse infiltrations leads me to believe that they do have some integrity. This volunteer’s criticism of PM Harper being a “lost Libertarian” is a personal, biased view in an otherwise well-organized mission of holding politicians to account. My own personal views, however, do not permit me to entirely agree with the cloak-and-dagger operative strategy and the claim that “their crew doesn’t fit with any mainstream Party ideology”. I don’t see it so much as a “security breach”, as was the case with the two sign-holding trespassers, but it is still a deceitful little bit of rule-bending. I think the jury is still out on how beneficial this group really is, and whether their work is of a constructive nature. This still smacks of an element of “maggot mole”.

    • Bec Says:

      I agree.

      The author of this response hardly sounds “non-partisan” imo and to single out the PM, referring to his libertarian ideology as lost seems to blame the PM for the structure of the security in place. That is just hog wash and very naïve to blame the PM for the removal of their discredited reps. He does seem to like ‘rules’ when they work for this groups ideology, after all doesn’t he? These are rules and they were applied.

      Now to further mention the speakers he has had his team allowed to observe/report on, none of those were the Prime Minister and probably the prerequisite to media, entirely different.

      The other observation I question is his, treason/MP’s/Iraq/Libya via NATO comment. That was just over the top, imo and certainly implies that these people do more than “record and report”. They do indeed have opinions which they certainly are entitled to have but they then shouldn’t suggest that they are “reporting”.

      This type of media should either get the accreditation necessary to attend these events or accept that they will be attending candidate and town hall events not those with a Prime Minister.

  2. jmw Says:

    Trippper, I agree. Who are the principals in this “protest” before we lend them any credibility.

  3. Brad maynard Says:

    I guess you have to wonder if they’re legit. With all the nutty lefty lunatics running around conservative events, oil industry, and riots I hope they forgive me for being skeptical of their agenda. (Edit for spelling)

    • canuckfanjosh Says:

      we are legit, and produce a TV that almost regularly lambasts the loony left and the eco freaks, while we may not agree with everything on the conservative platform, they do a much better job then Mulcair or Trudeau. Most of the crew on the show are libertarian leaning people. We have no agenda other then putting out the truth and cutting through what is mostly left wing news in our home town. the organization can be found at wearechangevictoria(dot) org

      • Roy Elsworth Says:

        that’s kewl kinda like Breitbart in the usa wtg watch out though the left might try to bully you and use hate crimes against you. but I love your spirit . we are Breitbart.

        • canuckfanjosh Says:

          we are constantly attacked by the left in town…the eco freak Tracy Park has called us Racist, Bigots and all sorts of names, there is a few in town that are extreme left who do everything they can to demonize us for being right wing. We highly admire Breitbart.

  4. old white guy Says:

    they lose it when they say that MPs should be held for treason for acts of aggression in Libya and Iraq via nato. yes sir, they have an agenda and it is not conservative or nonpartisan.

  5. Roy Elsworth Says:

    Canada never went into Iraq the second time only when the un did

    • Jen Says:

      I remember an American soldier on CTV thanking Chretien for his help in Iraq. This video was never seen again since then..

      • Roy Elsworth Says:

        could that have been the firsttime in the 1992 I think during operation desert storm at least Canada wasn’t suppose to be Iraq I remember JC saying he pulled them out. and I didn’t believe them . so was my hunch rite then was Canada in Iraq during the operation shock and aw. ? if so then that means the media didn’t do there job and took JC at his word.

    • Jen Says:

      Roy, I checked the Canada involvement in the Iraq war and found this:

      A Media Critique of Revelations about Canadian Duplicity in Iraq
      By Richard Sanders, coordinator, Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade and editor of COAT’s magazine Press for Conversion!


      • Roy Elsworth Says:

        Thank you I knew it. I been saying to my family Canada was in the Iraq War they never believed it. now I know my hunch was rite. I knew JC was Lying. thanks you so much we should impeach or charge the former PM for purgery then and for lying. and charge all the media for covering it up for him.

      • Frances Says:

        There were certainly troops on the ground right after the firing ceased. A family member was over there. And it was the Canadians who cleaned up a majority of the burning oil wells.

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