RCMP remove two men wearing media badges at Harper event

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This throw-away line from a Times Colonist piece certainly needs further investigating:

As part of strengthened security, RCMP removed two men wearing media badges minutes before Harper took the stage at Brentwood College’s Crooks Hall. (see here)

This happened a day after two eco-nutbars crashed the stage dressed as waiters during another Harper event at a Vancouver Board of Trade function.

Two questions immediately pop into mind:

1) How was it possible for these two to receive official media passes?

2) What are the names of these two men who posed as accredited media?

Update: Here’s the media notice for Harper’s Jan 7th Brentwood College School event:

Media are required to present proper identification for accreditation. (see here)


7 Responses to “RCMP remove two men wearing media badges at Harper event”

  1. Roy Elsworth Says:

    harper is exsposing these guys I hope the police rethink how they go at it. I know harper and the conservatives said they were not going to talk to media anymore until they change the way they ask questions. to

    • Lore White Says:

      The Bully Media, need to rethink there attitudes. If I were PM Harper, I would never answer a single question from them. They manipulate there questions, and then present the TV version totally out of context. The old boy media club needs to go.

  2. Liz J Says:

    It’s a breach in security no matter how they try to cut it. To make matters worse there will be no charges…get this…”it wouldn’t be in the public interest”!!!!

    There would be charges if this happened around the US President and there would also be firings.

    It’s not about the actual twits who did this it’s about the message it sends.

    • BC Blue Says:

      The Vancouver Police are run by Mayor Moonbeam who doesn’t want to upset his Rabble base of supporters and the RCMP want this embarrassment to go away

      • Liz J Says:

        Since it’s about the safety of the PM of our country we need to keep at this one, the RCMP work for us.
        What have we heard from “Mayor Moonbeam” on the security breach?

  3. Exclusive: Organization who had people removed from Harper event by RCMP responds | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] for two men to receive media passes at Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s event yesterday (see here) I received a tip that someone had posted their names and organization in the comment section below […]

    • canuckfanjosh Says:

      the 2 men got the accreditation from the media liason after presenting their proper ID. The Organization is generally friendly towards most of the conservative economics and supports being fiscally conservative. It is a very Libertarian leaning organization. They were there to record for the TV show we produce and were in fact Media

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