Con MP tells Star reporter to shove threatening letter about Rob Ford where the sun doesn’t shine

kent oved star

The letter Conrad Black referred to in his scathing column about the Toronto Star’s “ideological shakedown” (see here) surfaced today (see above) after Conservative MP Peter Kent responded to reporter Marco Oved on his website (read here).

The rest of the Media Party will be demanding John Hendrich apologise for abusing his position as Star publisher or step down right?



Alberta NDP’s Calgary vice president calls Israel “apartheid”


This tweet in response to Minister Jason Kenney is from Bethany Drader who lists on her Twitter bio being “Alberta NDP Vice President for Calgary & NDYA Federal Youth Liasion”:

drader ndp israel

I’ve asked AB NDP leader Brian Mason if he agrees with his Calgary official and you would think since Drader is also the liaison between the Alberta NDP Youth Association and their federal counterpart,  the Ottawa media would ask Mulcair the same.

drader mulcair

Will update if I get a response.

Global news producer threatens to sue me over “Trudeau crush” blog post


As I normally do, posted below is the correspondence between myself and Christian Tam (who now works at Global BC) without comment:

Hi Dean,

I am hoping you can remove some defamatory content about me off your blog. The incident is from more than a year ago and I have received death threats because of your post. I hope that you can understand how damaging to both my career and reputation it is to have this post and the comments about me on your blog. In addition, the amount of cyberbullying I received was extreme.

I am hoping that you can find it in your heart to sympathize with my situation and remove the post. The link is below. If not, my next step will be legal action.

Thank you,

Christine Tam



I sent that blog post to a lawyer to look over and was asked to find out what you found defamatory about it?



The headline and the innuendo in the post are libelous and untrue, as are the comments in the post. It defames my character, reputation and profession to say I have a crush on a politician.



My lawyer disagrees. Have yours send me an outline of what he/she says is libelous and I will it pass along to mine.



Will do.

The blog post in question can be seen here and I will update if and when I hear from Tam’s lawyer.

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