Alberta NDP’s Calgary vice president calls Israel “apartheid”


This tweet in response to Minister Jason Kenney is from Bethany Drader who lists on her Twitter bio being “Alberta NDP Vice President for Calgary & NDYA Federal Youth Liasion”:

drader ndp israel

I’ve asked AB NDP leader Brian Mason if he agrees with his Calgary official and you would think since Drader is also the liaison between the Alberta NDP Youth Association and their federal counterpart,  the Ottawa media would ask Mulcair the same.

drader mulcair

Will update if I get a response.


5 Responses to “Alberta NDP’s Calgary vice president calls Israel “apartheid””

  1. Bec Says:

    What exactly does she mean with the term “Israeli Apartheid”? If it’s suggesting what I’ve interpreted it to suggest, she should be removed from her position imo. AS for her little quip about the funding of the Govt, that just seals the deal for me. Utter silliness and should probably not be on social media if she is going to say stuff that may embarrass her boss.

  2. Alain Says:

    It seems to be the norm that the anti-Semites, racists, intolerants always gravitate to the Left and not to the Right. Perhaps the leaders of these parties (NDP, Liberal and Green) can explain just why their parties attract them and why they feel so at home there.

    • Tim Says:

      Meanwhile those on the Left accuse everyone around them of antisemitic, intolerant and racist behaviour. Amazing.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    The tolerant left, remember when Svend Robinson ran all the way to the middle east to be “one” with the old murderer Yassar Irafat.
    Ironic seeing as how he would not have lasted 10 seconds in the Arab street as an openly gay person.
    NDP are all for freedom of speech as long as they agree with it.

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