Media Party silent on CBC’s Evan Solomon’s comments about Canadian Ambassador being Jewish


The cone of silence has descended on the Media Party after a complaint was issued by Honest Reporting Canada about CBC host Evan Solomon questioning Minister John Baird on the bias of naming a Jewish Ambassador to Israel:

It is entirely inappropriate and deeply offensive for CBC anchor Evan Solomon to have raised the issue of religion when questioning Canada’s appointment of Vivian Bercovici as Canada’s new Ambassador to Israel. (see here)

Even though this complaint was lodged and Israeli news organizations (see here and here) have picked this up, not a peep from the Media Party asking any related questions such as these:

–  Does the CBC asks prospective employees whether they are Jewish and if it will affect their bias?

– Does the CBC refuse to have any reporter of Jewish faith cover Israel because of perceived bias?

– When Solomon applied for work at the CBC, was he asked about his religious faith and how it might bias his reporting?

– Does the CBC refuse to have any reporter of Islamic faith cover Muslim countries due to perceived bias?


CBC columnist says it’s “shameful” Canada promotes our oil industry


You have to have a lot of nerve to bash an industry that helps pay for your public salary like the CBC’s Sarah Elton did with this tweet:

eltonTo Elton though it’s apparently ok to use those received taxdollars (which gives her a bigger platform) to try to stir up anti-oil sands propaganda:

elton 1Only thing shameful here is Elton.


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