Media Party silent on CBC’s Evan Solomon’s comments about Canadian Ambassador being Jewish


The cone of silence has descended on the Media Party after a complaint was issued by Honest Reporting Canada about CBC host Evan Solomon questioning Minister John Baird on the bias of naming a Jewish Ambassador to Israel:

It is entirely inappropriate and deeply offensive for CBC anchor Evan Solomon to have raised the issue of religion when questioning Canada’s appointment of Vivian Bercovici as Canada’s new Ambassador to Israel. (see here)

Even though this complaint was lodged and Israeli news organizations (see here and here) have picked this up, not a peep from the Media Party asking any related questions such as these:

–  Does the CBC asks prospective employees whether they are Jewish and if it will affect their bias?

– Does the CBC refuse to have any reporter of Jewish faith cover Israel because of perceived bias?

– When Solomon applied for work at the CBC, was he asked about his religious faith and how it might bias his reporting?

– Does the CBC refuse to have any reporter of Islamic faith cover Muslim countries due to perceived bias?


13 Responses to “Media Party silent on CBC’s Evan Solomon’s comments about Canadian Ambassador being Jewish”

  1. Jen Says:

    IMO, the only time Evan feel free to attack or insult is when he does it to a CPC, otherwise, Evan remains deathly silent and imo in fear of insulting the lpc, ndp greens. The ndp sit there watching him like a hawk making sure that he doesn’t make noise on their people.

  2. Jill Says:

    We all know that The Jews are God’s chosen people and therefore I fell that we should do whatever is necessary to protect them. I am very proud of Baird’s decision to appoint a person of the Jewish faith as it will further build are relationship with Israel and further supports our only nation friend in the middle east. The Jewish people have been the most persecuted people in the history of the world and this persecution from the CBC is yet another example of the massive anti-Semitism that is prevalent in Canadian left winged society.

  3. paulsstuff Says:

    Wonder why he never questioned Foreign Affirs critic Bob Rae’s impartiality. His wife being Jewish and all. And check out the titles Irwin Cotler holds.

  4. Liz J Says:

    When a rabid anti-Harper boor like Solomon is so upset about this appointment we can be sure it’s a good one.
    The Shiny Pony should recruit Solomon to run for the LPC, he’s just a perfect fit.

  5. Sean M Says:

    I guess Solomans faith in Marxism (:progressivism”) is stronger than his Jewish faith. Solomans lines of interrogation were as bizarre as they were breathless. Maybe Soloman’s interrogation technique was a desperate attempt to show his CBC boss’s that his own Jewish faith takes a back seat to his rabid self loathing and “progressivism”. What a putz!

  6. Tripper523 Says:

    I believe it is very prudent and logical to have a Jewish person as the Ambassador to Israel. There is no “wisdom from Solomon” here… Too often we see appointments, including those in the cabinets federal and provincial, where the appointee doesn’t have an ounce of education, intuition, or experience in the portfolio. You rarely see a competent, good fit, but rather a shuffling of the deck. I realize not all MP’s are so specifically equipped, and it would only be by chance you would get a graduate in Marine Biology as the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans. So it makes sense that the new ambassador comes from the private sector pool, which is rich in diversity and qualifications. Vivian Bercovici’s profile has the necessary ingredients to ensure that she should excel for Canada in this capacity.

  7. Jen Says:

    Evan Solomon cant nor DARE UTTER the name ‘ LIBERAL’ Senator Mark Harb’s morgages fraud, yet he feels bravado going after Baird for selecting a Jewish woman to ambassadorship to Israel.

  8. Bubba Brown Says:

    I guess in Solomans defense he just could not come up with anything else so he played the “race” card.
    Bigotry or just plain old CBC hubris?
    The “wisdom of Solomon”, now there is an oxymoron for the ages.
    Never mind taxpaying sheeple, nothing to see here, let the cone of silence decend on this tax dollar funded joke of a network.

  9. Mary Hines Says:

    Solomon is not only Jewish – he is so liberal bias he will stop at nothing OR anything even leave out parts of the story, just to TRY and project negativity to the Harper Government. He refuses to even mention the work “LIBERAL” and Mark Harb in the same sentence, thinking Canadians will be stupid enough to “think” Harb is a Conservative and link him to Duffy himself. He spent countless shows bringing up the fact Harper`s credibility should be questioned for appointing these Senators… what about his Prince – saying Harb would be welcome back into the liberal family once he paid his `mistake` back to the taxpayer…. Not a word – maybe he should ask Justin if his father had good judgement when he appointed Harb!!

    • Jen Says:

      Neither would cbc mention liberal senator levigne who is in jail nor liberal senator ‘Andy’ Thompson who lived in Mexico only to make brief appearances to imo make himself known from time to time. So, if all these things occurring in the liberal senate means nothing to the media as if it is not a problem, then why in the hell are the media going after the conservatives for?

  10. Mary Hines Says:

    They are going after the Conservatives – because they are conservatives – liberals are entitled to their entitlement… and allowed to do anything – watch the media on Trudeau… he can say anything and do anything – like the senators – they will cover at all cost…..

    • Sean M Says:

      Exactly Mary… the media’s hypocrisy is staggeringly cynical, and corrupt to the core. The media don’t care one bit about “Senate corruption”, especially if it involves “Liberals”. The media are simply interested in scoring points against the Conservative Government, if that means feigning “outrage” over “Duffygate” and Wallin then so be it… but if the corruption involves “Liberals”… silence is the word. Media Maggots!

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