Editorial editor at Calgary Herald boasts about voting Green for past 15 years


In the city thriving because of Alberta oil, the Calgary Herald’s Licia Corbella tries to use the excuse of hating Conservative MP Rob Anders for this:

Most readers of my column would be surprised to learn that during most of the federal elections over the past 15 years or so, I have voted for the Green party.

How much does Corbella hate Anders? She tells us:

In the summer of 2012, while attending Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual fundraising barbecue at Heritage Park, Anders approached me while I was chatting to some other attendees and joined our conversation. Shortly afterward, Alberta’s then-deputy premier, Thomas Lukaszuk, came over to say hello and when he extended his hand, Anders made the kind of face a kid makes when sucking on a lemon and refused to shake Lukaszuk’s hand.

I was so mortified by Anders’ rudeness, I was left speechless and had to apologize to Lukaszuk the next time I saw him. (see here)

Corbella’s  apologized on behalf of Anders to one of the most loathsome PCs in Redford’s caucus who got in an altercation with a senior last election (see here) and who other Conservatives  like Jason Kenney have no time for (see here).

At least now we know whose side Corbella will always take even if it means slapping the industry that helps keep her employed.


CP reporter avoided asking Trudeau and Mulcair for comment on Sharon death?

trudeau wells raj

How is it possible for the omission of Liberal and NDP leaders Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau in the CP story posted on the CBC titled “Canadian leaders react to Ariel Sharon’s death”? (see here)

I’ve asked CP’s bureau chief Heather Scoffield for the reason and she responded that she is checking into it.

Will update.

Update: Scoffield has only so far responded that in the original story, NDP’s Paul Dewar was quoted. I repeatedly asked if Mulcair had been interviewed and also pointed out the story’s lede is “Current and former Canadian leaders are speaking out today about Ariel Sharon’s legacy” and that Dewar is not a leader.

Update: CBC has now changed the headline to “Ariel Sharon staunch defender of Israel, Stephen Harper says”

Update: Postmedia has also run its piece on Sharon’s death with no comment from either Mulcair of Trudeau (see here)

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