CP reporter avoided asking Trudeau and Mulcair for comment on Sharon death?

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How is it possible for the omission of Liberal and NDP leaders Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau in the CP story posted on the CBC titled “Canadian leaders react to Ariel Sharon’s death”? (see here)

I’ve asked CP’s bureau chief Heather Scoffield for the reason and she responded that she is checking into it.

Will update.

Update: Scoffield has only so far responded that in the original story, NDP’s Paul Dewar was quoted. I repeatedly asked if Mulcair had been interviewed and also pointed out the story’s lede is “Current and former Canadian leaders are speaking out today about Ariel Sharon’s legacy” and that Dewar is not a leader.

Update: CBC has now changed the headline to “Ariel Sharon staunch defender of Israel, Stephen Harper says”

Update: Postmedia has also run its piece on Sharon’s death with no comment from either Mulcair of Trudeau (see here)


5 Responses to “CP reporter avoided asking Trudeau and Mulcair for comment on Sharon death?”

  1. Tripper523 Says:

    The only Canadian leader who matters commented on it. The others may be more pro-Hamas and sympathetic to the Palestinians.

  2. WTF Says:

    What, no response from Libbey Davies????

    • mahmood Says:

      You’d think the state funded broadcaster would beat a path to her door for a comment…oh wait, she’s a Dipper.

  3. Mary Hines Says:

    CP is afraid to ask “Pretty Boy” – he might send them to China and then how are they going to cover that?…..

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s passing strange but telling that neither Mulcair or Trudeau were asked for comment on Sharon’s death, especially Mulcair as the leader of the official opposition. While they’re at it they might ask May, I’m sure as a one who is studying to become an Anglican priest as her next venture she’d have something compassionate to say.

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