David Suzuki flies into Toronto to attend Neil Young’s anti-oil concert

suzuki young

It’s bad enough that the obviously mentally unstable Neil Young is putting on this concert and getting the media attention for his bizarre anti-oil sands statements but David Suzuki puts the hypocritical cherry on the top.

Just don’t expect anyone from the Media Party to call him out for it.

Update: A brilliant response to Young and Suzuki from Ryan Simper


Global News’ top BC political reporter smears conservatives as bigots


In what I am guessing is his response to being called-out last night for trying to stop Ezra Levant from speaking at a journalism school convention:

baldrey levant

Global News’ Keith Baldrey tweeted this accusation about being attacked by “far-right wing bigots”:


I and others have asked Baldrey to show us who these “bigots” are but so far he has remained silent.

This is a pretty serious matter when the person who is the political reporter for the province’s largest TV news network makes such a stunning accusation without offering any proof.

Makes you wonder what else would he do the same about?


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