Global News’ top BC political reporter smears conservatives as bigots


In what I am guessing is his response to being called-out last night for trying to stop Ezra Levant from speaking at a journalism school convention:

baldrey levant

Global News’ Keith Baldrey tweeted this accusation about being attacked by “far-right wing bigots”:


I and others have asked Baldrey to show us who these “bigots” are but so far he has remained silent.

This is a pretty serious matter when the person who is the political reporter for the province’s largest TV news network makes such a stunning accusation without offering any proof.

Makes you wonder what else would he do the same about?



5 Responses to “Global News’ top BC political reporter smears conservatives as bigots”

  1. old white guy Says:

    I am a bigot. I despise liberal socialist reporters who lie.

  2. Bec Says:

    It’s interesting that the words “angry” and “bigots” were used by this individual but when I read his tweets (and I’m assuming he started this with his initial “toxic” comment?) , I thought hey, this guy is one “angry”, person.

    For a journalist to not want opposing opinions, debate etc is becoming an issue that I wish they would recognize as not being healthy. Speaking freely about ISSUES should be revered, not attacked.

  3. Dave Says:

    One sided, where have I heard that before? Gee, cknw and glo-bull ring a bell. Nope I haven’t listened to either Clark rah-rah stations in a long time. I miss CJOR.

  4. Sue Says:

    Oh Mr Kneepads would have undoubtedly ran for the cover of Palm the Advisor for the tweeting tools to fight back from the safety of his Lego-inspired time out room. Oh for the love of a better eyebag astringent eh?

  5. Sean M Says:

    It’s interesting that this low life media hack believes anyone disagreeing with his leftist beliefs is an “angry bigot”. I guess that would make Baldy an angry left wing fascist. Yet another example of the diseased media and their left vs right paradigm. The media’s construct of the left right paradigm is an interesting technique. it allows intellectually lazy bottom feeders like Baldry to claim a self righteous enlightened superiority without any evidence, while simultaneously allowing him to partake in slanderous close minded attacks against those that disagree with Baldry’s self proclaimed superiority. Baldry is enlightened and fair minded because he says so, and if you disagree with Baldry’s self proclaimed fair minded enlightenment than he will call you a “right wing bigot”, because nothing says fair minded and enlightened than behaving like a radical left wing fascist who has zero tolerance for opposing views.

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