Liberal MP candidate tweets about me beating my wife

veniez 2

When a Liberal is caught being dishonest, they usually lash out like Dan Veniez did after I confronted him about being untruthful with this tweet:


You see, I knew he was paid as chair of Ridley Terminals and was given the appointment by PM Stephen Harper and subsequently fired.

No big deal really – just another Liberal not being honest but instead of retracting and correcting what he stated, he was embarrassed and tweeted this as I pressed him further:

veniez 1For those unaware, Dan Veniez was the West Vancouver Liberal candidate who sued Conservative MP John Weston for libel during the 2011 election.

This is not the first time (or last I’m sure) that a Liberal has accused me of beating my wife but it is the first time one has done it online.

And I’m asked why don’t more people get involved in politics.


Liberal MP calls PM Stephen Harper a “disease”

murray trudeau

Liberal MP Joyce Murray has a lot of explaining to do after this tweet:


This isn’t the first time Murray has made this type of inexcusable tweet:

murray tweet

Just don’t expect the Media Party to track her leader Justin Trudeau down to get his comments on one of his MPs sending out such vile statements.

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