Liberal MP calls PM Stephen Harper a “disease”

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Liberal MP Joyce Murray has a lot of explaining to do after this tweet:


This isn’t the first time Murray has made this type of inexcusable tweet:

murray tweet

Just don’t expect the Media Party to track her leader Justin Trudeau down to get his comments on one of his MPs sending out such vile statements.


8 Responses to “Liberal MP calls PM Stephen Harper a “disease””

  1. Liberal MP calls PM Stephen Harper a “disease” | TRUE NORTH REPORT Says:

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  2. Russ Campbell Says:

    See’s desperately trying to be relevant after her failed (bomb) of an attempt to be leader of her party. A lot of noise, but not much there.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Murray is an example of how shallow the LPC has become. She acts like a keener who doesn’t know enough to realize she’s out of her league.

  4. Marianne Says:

    Is it like against the law or something to say slanderous things about the leader of a country? I think that this MP should be visited by the police and see if he would ever say something like this again. If I was a leader and someone said this I would make an example out of them. We should respect our leaders and trust them. This is a free country and the best country on earth.

  5. Tripper523 Says:

    Well-said, Marianne! Exactly what we’ve been looking at lately, trying to rationalize the irrational. So no big surprise here. The Liebral rank and file are showing a lot more “rank” and should be “filed”. All they can do is make quips about the best leadership we’ve had in several decades in still the greatest nation on the globe. But, what else can they do? Only criticize what they can’t imitate, and envy what they fundamentally can never be.

  6. Alain Says:

    It seems that the Liberal Party has joined the NDP in moral bankruptcy. The only disease is the damage done by the Liberals to our country starting with Pearson and snowballing with Trudeau. If anything PM Harper represents a possible cure.

  7. Iain Says:

    The only disease I see is ‘Harper Derangement Syndrome’

  8. Bec Says:

    Surprise, Surprise, THERE are Great diseases, Joyce Murray! WE get inoculated from them. The Liberal Party of Canada under the leadership of her Leaders Daddio, DESTROYED my province and my life.

    I inoculated myself from THAT disease by recreating myself, my family and WE are healthy. WE support DR. HARPER.

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