More proof Tides Canada charity is funding oil protesters – Conservative minister remains silent


In the Financial Post, Vivian Krauss outlines how Tides Canada is backing anti-oil pipeline protesters like the two who interrupted PM Stephen Harper’s event in Vancouver as well as Lefty politicians like Vancouver’s mayor:

Mr. Devlin is a well-known activist and man of many hats. He’s a stand-up comedian. He’s also a central figure in a network of activists supported by the U.S. Tides Foundation (“Tides USA”). The hub of this network is Hollyhock, an ocean-front retreat centre situated on Cortes, a remote island in British Columbia.

Devlin is also part of Truthfool Communications, a company that provides “creative and strategic services” to various organizations, including Vision Vancouver, the political party of Vancouver’s Mayor, Gregor Robertson. Truthfool has also done work for LeadNow and Greenpeace, both of which are funded by Tides and other sources. (see here)

This is not the first time Tides has been exposed by people like Krauss so ask yourself why Minister Kerry-Lynne Findlay who is in charge of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) which oversees our charity laws has remained completely silent?

If Findlay refuses to weed-out these law-breaking charities, she should resign in disgrace or be fired. Enough is enough.


Hypocrite alert: Manning Centre invites Tom Flanagan back as speaker


Just a year after pulling Tom Flanagan as a speaker because of these comments on child porn:

“On the child pornography issue … I certainly have no sympathy for child molesters. But I do have some great doubts about putting people in jail because of their taste in pictures. I don’t look at these pictures. (see here)

The Manning Centre has welcomed him back with open arms:

A controversial Conservative strategist who was dropped from the speakers’ list at last year’s gathering of the conservative core is slated to talk at this year’s event in Ottawa next month.

Tom Flanagan, a former Conservative strategist and mentor to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is one of 30 advertised speakers for the sixth-annual Manning Networking Conference, which attracts Conservative supporters from across the country. (see here)

This isn’t the first time Manning has exposed himself as a blatant hypocrite as he has publicly endorsed and invited hard-core federal Liberal Christie Clark to speak (see here) and as Ezra Levant exposed, is training radical environmentalists (see here).

clark manning

There’s no doubt that Preston Manning and his Centre have become fully corrupted.

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