Trudeau says speaking event invoice “bundled” in with MP ones – how is that possible?


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some additional explaining to do over getting caught charging the taxpayers for a $670.00 limo ride (see here) that he took to one of his paid speaking gigs since this was how he said the ‘mistake’ happened:

“the [speaking] invoice was bundled in other invoices from transport between my riding and Ottawa” (see video here)

Trudeau had stated before that speaking was a personal profession yet an invoice from those expenses happened to be at his MP’s office? Why was it there?

June 12, 2013 Trudeau “I absolutely never used any House or parliamentary resources in any speaking engagements” (see here)

That has been proven untrue on at least one occasion now – how much other of Trudeau’s personal business was run out of his MP’s office using taxpayers’ resources?



White males need not apply at Calgary City Hall


Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi doesn’t like the current race and gender make-up of the management running the city:

“When you look at our management levels within the city, (among) my top six managers there are no women now — the one woman retired — there are no people of a visible minority,”

“We’ve got to do a better job, and we have to look internally at our own organization to determine what are the barriers that are in place toward getting people promoted into these jobs,” he said. (see here)

Think about working in an environment where the politician in control thinks you are a racist and misogynistic.

Update: Looks like the Calgary Herald pulled that version from its website – another link to it can be found here

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