Trudeau says speaking event invoice “bundled” in with MP ones – how is that possible?


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has some additional explaining to do over getting caught charging the taxpayers for a $670.00 limo ride (see here) that he took to one of his paid speaking gigs since this was how he said the ‘mistake’ happened:

“the [speaking] invoice was bundled in other invoices from transport between my riding and Ottawa” (see video here)

Trudeau had stated before that speaking was a personal profession yet an invoice from those expenses happened to be at his MP’s office? Why was it there?

June 12, 2013 Trudeau “I absolutely never used any House or parliamentary resources in any speaking engagements” (see here)

That has been proven untrue on at least one occasion now – how much other of Trudeau’s personal business was run out of his MP’s office using taxpayers’ resources?



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  1. Tripper523 Says:

    Hypocrisy is a staple in Ottawa. Moreover, it is a foundational ingredient in most politicians’ glass houses, and makes it virtually impossible for them to throw stones with any effect, because ultimately what goes around comes around. The shininess loses its luster quite quickly in the vicious world of political opportunism, as the winds of scandal perform their chastisement with the revelation of fool’s gold. Young Empty Suit’s got some ‘splanin’ to do.

  2. fhl Says:

    Liberals are always making mistakes Justin made a mistake he did not intend to expense those expenses
    to the Canadian Taxpayer
    not a good recommendation for being the choice to look after Canada as the
    PM of Canada

    • Sean M Says:

      Yeah, Liberals make “mistakes”, it’s only a “scandal” when a Conservative makes a Liberal type “mistake”.

  3. Liz J Says:

    It’s the same old excuse , like the last utterance of a trapped scoundrel, it was an honest mistake made by someone else, in this case he knew nothing about it of course, someone else bungled and bundled his expenses.
    If this was a one off we might accept it but it seems to be habitual. Thankfully we have the Shiny Pony’s neigh, it won’t happen again, he believes in being open and honest……. when he gets caught.

  4. tim Says:

    There will be no further explanation from Trudeau. He’s a Liberal therefore entitled to our money.(sarc)

  5. Jen Says:

    NDP ethics criic Charlie Angus violated Election Rules
    Funny, the media remains very quiet on this one.

  6. Martin Says:

    Its not the paltry $800 that he billed taxpayers for that is at issue. The real question is why was a (very) ordinary MP from downtown Montreal, traveling to places like Huron Co (Ont) to address a high school assembly? Anyone bother to ask his constituents why he is not concentrating on their affairs?
    This episode of Jr’s career speaks volumes to his sense of importance and lack of sound common sense. One aspiring to be PM of Canada shouldn’t need an ethics commissioner to tell him that accepting over $10,000 from local school boards and charities is not a proper undertaking.

  7. Tom Says:

    Good to see the MSM were all over this one. No, wait ………

  8. Alain Says:

    Trudeau is only finally admitting this, because he got caught with his pants down. He and two other Liberals are guilty of exactly the same thing they accused the senators of. Yet even with all this, he still does not see a problem in double dipping as an MP, only once he became the “leader” is it an issue. This party is far too corrupt to be restored. It needs to disappear and start over from scratch with people of principle and an actual credible platform.

  9. billg Says:

    It probably was a mistake and I dont doubt for a minute that is was an honest mistake, but, its the arrogance of the young man to say that even though he’s never believed a Con or NDP MP when they’ve claimed that an expense was reported by accident yet we must believe him because he walks on a higher and holier ground. Its not the expense claim that bothers me because I imagine no MP or MPP is lilly white handing in expenditures, its the arrogance of Trudeau to expect us to believe him simply because he’s a better person then the one’s he’s been accusing of doing the same thing.

    • BC Blue Says:

      The mistake was it getting mixed up in his MP receipts. How many other personal invoices has Trudeau made his publicly paid-for staff process for him?

  10. Bec Says:

    The inference that ‘the staff did it’ in the simple office of an MP, the leader of the third party, suggests that either he surrounds himself with incompetence or that he is not a stickler for details. And this guy thinks that he could run a country when he apparently can’t run a simple, third party office?

    I guess the part that makes me the most frustrated is that he was doing these events, for money while employed by the Canadian tax payer.
    He should be at work. The Media Party has his campaigning, positive media, fundraising and pep rallies covered. (sarc off)

    • Martin Says:

      These speaking engagements would have been when he was a mere backbencher, not when he was leader. Remember he stopped his paid speaking gigs when he became leader, This makes the excuse even worse, how many invoices would a backbencher have; are they not “nobodies a few feet from
      parliament” ?

  11. Liz J Says:

    The unelected Liberal Premier of Ontario,Wynne, chosen as successor McGuinty the Wrecker has Trudeau running around with her as she visits ridings she has called by-elections in, aka Buy-elections. We have to hope we are not paying him for this blatant political ploy by Wynne. No doubt she felt she needed some eye candy by here side, he never has anything of substance to offer.

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