White males need not apply at Calgary City Hall


Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi doesn’t like the current race and gender make-up of the management running the city:

“When you look at our management levels within the city, (among) my top six managers there are no women now — the one woman retired — there are no people of a visible minority,”

“We’ve got to do a better job, and we have to look internally at our own organization to determine what are the barriers that are in place toward getting people promoted into these jobs,” he said. (see here)

Think about working in an environment where the politician in control thinks you are a racist and misogynistic.

Update: Looks like the Calgary Herald pulled that version from its website – another link to it can be found here


3 Responses to “White males need not apply at Calgary City Hall”

  1. Liz J Says:

    What is our country, our society coming to when we have leaders at any level talking about race and gender as qualifications for jobs instead of their capabilities, their experience etc.?
    Can anyone imagine the outcry if we were to have an ad saying only whites need apply?
    Nenshi may as well be honest and say he doesn’t like the complexions at Calgary City Hall. Does he not realize complexions/race reflect the majority in any given city, town or country?

  2. Tripper523 Says:

    It’s this overkill in favour of minorities and special interest groups which has our society in a tailspin. It’s happened with other movements, like women’s liberation and the gay rights bend over and take it campaigns. It always takes a while to revert to a more balanced state, after they’ve been assisted to be “more equal than others”. “Others” might be loosely defined as “the regular people” by Archie Bunker, but we get what’s going on here. White anglo-saxon types do get marginalized these days. I don’t mind seeing disabled people get better consideration, but all of these other “elements” getting preferential treatment is just wrong. Simply take the best qualified, as Liz J says.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Nenshi is an anti western grievance monger and a race hustler. Cultural Marxist types like Nenshi are simply race hustlers, racists to be blunt. Race hustlers like Nenshi spew their hatred, disguise it as “inclusiveness” and “diversity”, mere buzz words, when ultimately their goal is one of confrontation and divisiveness. No doubt the media will champion Nenshi’s racist rants and anti white bigotry as “enlightened” and “progressive”.

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