CBC’s Sasa Petricic lies about lack of Israeli media coverage of Harper


You couldn’t find a clearer example of the CBC’s anti-Harper anti-Israeli bias than this article by their Middle-East correspondence Sasa Petricic:

But beyond Official Israel, Harper’s impact here has been minimal; his visit barely creeping onto the front page of any Israeli newspaper, especially the big Hebrew-language ones, or on radio or TV. (see here)

Funny, because that’s not what other Canadian reporters are saying like CP’s Michelle McQuigge:

Articles were plentiful in Israeli media, with pundits weighing in on both the content of and rationale behind Harper’s words.

But the unique nature of Harper’s address to the Knesset caught the attention of some U.S. media outlets as well.

News articles and blog entries on prominent sites such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the Economist captured the widely divergent reactions published in other parts of the world more closely connected to Harper’s words.

Israeli press was most positive about Harper’s speech, in which he accused those who blame the country for problems in the Middle East of being anti-Semitic.

The Jerusalem Posts’s extensive coverage of the well-received speech included an editorial celebrating Harper’s position. (see here)

And Sun News’ David Akin:

“Through fire and water, Canada will stand with you,” Harper told the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, in a speech Monday for which he received a standing ovation.

That speech and his visit has been front page news for two days running.

The letters to the editor praising Harper were nothing like he’s likely ever seen in Canada.

The Jerusalem Post published a letter from Mattias Rotenberg: “What a breath of fresh air! What an example to the world! What a man of principle! What wisdom!” (see here)


CBC’s top Middle-East report caught flat-out lying but would anyone like to bet he’ll be fired let alone even reprimanded?

Update: I have now filed a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman

CBC’s Middle East correspondent Sasa Petricic description of the Israeli media coverage on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Israel trip completely contradicts other reporters’ such as:

 Canadian Press’ Michelle McQuigge http://www.calgaryherald.com/news/national/Harpers+speech+Israeli+Knesset+garners+international/9413770/story.html

Sun News’ David Akin http://www.torontosun.com/2014/01/21/pm-stephen-harper-cheered-at-western-wall

I would like an explanation on how Sasa Petricic came to his conclusions when even a rudimentary Google search of Israeli newspapers proves his assertions to be categorically false.

I await your response.

Update: At least one other complaint has been filed against Petricic. Posted with permission (personal info removed):

CBC reporter Sasa Petricic’s January 22 blog post entitled “Stephen Harper’s visit garners scant coverage or praise from Israeli media” contains information that is misleading and wholly fabricated. The blog post in question can be found here: 


While the writer asserts Harper’s visit garnered “scant coverage or praise” the opposite is in fact true. Harper was on the front page of the Jerusalem post, the largest English daily in Israel, three days in a row. This is evidenced by the following pictures: 

January 20: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BeZf1o8CYAA0XDw.jpg
January 21: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BefIC4-CcAInulX.jpg
January 22: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bej32qxCYAAXeux.jpg

Harper was also the subject of the main editorial in the Jerusalem Post on January 19 and featured heavily in the Jersusalem Post letters section on both January 21 and January 23. This is all verifiable on the Jerusalem Post’s website. 

Petricic’s assertions are simply false, and the fact that he included only negative editorial opinions of Harper from Israeli news sources speaks to a stark personal bias in his article. In truth, the positive reception of Harper in Israel outweigh the negative opinions tenfold. 

CBC journalists should be held to a standard where misleading and lying to Canadians should be out of the question. It was disappointing to see Petricic’s article to say the least.


27 Responses to “CBC’s Sasa Petricic lies about lack of Israeli media coverage of Harper”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Why in hell do we have to put up with such lying tools of the left and pay their salary through our public broadcasting corporation? It’s obvious they cannot tolerate the fact we have a Conservative Prime Minister so they’re going full out, neglecting to report the facts, when they’re too good they ignore them or replace them with lies.

    Let’s face it, when we have a Conservative government these bozos are coming very close to being enemies of the state and at our expense across the board.

    • Pissedoff Says:

      Because Harper keeps letting them get away with it. He should have defunde these clowns ad soon as he got the majority.

  2. manitoba fay Says:

    CBC did they same thing last year with Chief Theresa Spence coverage.

  3. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    This is clearly a case of Rob ford hogging all the headlines…became everybody does “journalism” like the CBC…

  4. Liz J Says:

    It’s hardly too much to expect of our media employees to be honest, if they deal in lies they should be fired. When they lie about what’s happening with the PM and the governing party ,or any political party, we can only assume they have an agenda,we should not have to support such agendas.

  5. ohboy Says:

    You’d think the inept journo-clowns would’ve learned by now what most college students have known for years.

    You can’t BS the internet and not get called out.
    Cheeze, I guess math IS hard !!

  6. antfrm Says:

    over and over and over again, we see the taxpayer gouged to subsidize this left wing, agenda driven, gigantic corporation that now exists only for itself – the Canadian people can go to hell. We MUST defund the CBC first, to begin to take corrective action, and to seek journalistic integrity

  7. Scott Says:

    Add this to CBC’s pathetic attempt to link Sarah Palin to Harper, and it’s not difficult to imagine the lefty spin machine in full panic mode to try to find ways to portray the Israel trip in as negative a light as possible.

  8. Sebastian Says:

    Liz j
    I think you totally nailed it,with both your responses.
    Would love to know if you have a twitter handle?

  9. Tripper523 Says:

    I think it’s high time to keep a running “list” of the worse offenders within the MSM. Maybe Sasa Petricic makes the dishonour roll now, on the merit of his deceptive work while misreporting for the CBC from the Middle East. The anti-PM Harper gang should be posted on a wall-of-shame, or type of watch list, as part of our vigilance and self-awareness with regards to the wiles of the main Opposition, which is indeed as Ezra Levant has astutely identified, The Media Party. So far, a colleague and I have come up with the following, and it’s somewhat debatable as to the actual “rankings”, depending on your own personal take on these maggot types and how much they’ve impacted you and others..>>>> 1. Andrew Coyne 2. Ivan Soloman 3. Robert Fife 4. Paul Wells 5. Heather Mallick 6. Terry Milewski 7. Susan Delacourt 8. Linda McQuaig 9. Don Martin 10. Peter Newman 11. Peter Mansbridge 12. Chantal Hebert 13. Craig Oliver 14. Lawrence Martin 15. Kady O’Malley 16. Jeffrey Simpson <<<< This is just a start. I'm sure you all have others, and maybe a variation of the severity of the waywardness of these journalists' works. Keep proactive, Maintain vigilance.

    • Joseph Says:

      Better strategy, and one makes puts their integrity as the story is to point out these “inaccuracies” by demonstrating that they got scooped by just about every news organization out there. Being biased doesn’t get you in hot water with the editor, but getting the story wrong or late does. Even more damning is that there is always some eager intern in the wings waiting to replace a journalist being “reassigned”.


    • Carole Malcolm Says:

      I agree with the list. Critical journalism is one thing but HDS is something else entirely and far to common in the Canadian MSM. These “journalists” (and I use that word in the loosest of terms) should be called out and have their names posted to the list following any column/rant referring to Harper which has absolutely no facts to back up their stories, and is purely a negative opinion piece.
      I would add the robocall duo of Stephen Maher & Glen McGregor to the list for rabidly chasing this red-herring non-story in a still ongoing attempt to smear the conservative government.

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  11. burton Says:

    Just an aside – What is it with Sun news that they think that uber twerp Zach Paikin is such an intellectual they need to have him on for his two cents? Is this the beginning of him being groomed?
    Gawd! Wasn’t the Sun supposed to be different from all the other “joined at the hip” media outlets?
    So sick and tired of this.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Funny you mention that. I just directed that question to them a couple minutes ago.

      • Liz J Says:

        Zach Paikin is a mere wet behind the ears Liberal keener who comes off as an annoying twitty twerp. I was going to Sun News for blood pressure relief and that shows up! Guess it’s about balance, they also have WK of cat meat fame who swings by from time to time.

  12. burton Says:

    Well good – Is there such a dearth of political commentators in Canada that Sun felt they needed someone who thought Garth Drabinsky should get early release from a halfway house because he made him cry during a production of “Ragtime”?

  13. ohboy Says:

    I must commend you on your tenacity as regards uncovering the biased and inaccurate reporting by cbc thru sasa petricic.

    As all who frequent this site believe I’m sure, the ceeb’s job as a taxpayer sponsored outlet is to report the news in a fair and unbiased manner.
    No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

    Taxpayers come in all stripes of the political spectrum and as such all deserve to hear/view the news in a strictly neutral format.

    If a piece is an opinion offering then it needs to be clearly identified as one stating that is what it is and who’s opinion it is.

    Nothing less will do save a massive defunding to relegate cbc to a backwater news info channel devoid of ‘larger than life personalities’.

  14. Lore White Says:

    I agree 100%. I am sooo tired of slanted news stories.

  15. Jen Says:

    Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper
    By David Horovitz January 21, 2014, 9:51 pm 29

    Abbas was also “asked by Canadian media to criticize us,” but “refrained from doing so,” added Kenney. “I mean if the president of the Palestinian Authority could do that, I would hope that a member of the Israeli Knesset could.”

    Read more: Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/canadians-taken-aback-at-heckling-for-harper-by-arab-mks/#ixzz2r8UEnIPl

  16. burton Says:

    Frum…Kay…Coyne, now Paikin and that’s just to name a few – Haven’t we had enough of these media genetic lottery winners?

  17. CBC responds to my complaint filed against reporter for Harper/Israel story | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] is the response received after I filed a complaint (see here) with the CBC Ombudsman over CBC Sasa Petricic’s comments about Israeli media coverage of PM […]

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