Media Party – 15 interviews given to Harper heckler


The above screenshot is from when PM Stephen Harper’s Israeli parliamentary heckler Ahmed Tibi was interviewed by CBC’s Evan Solomon – notice the picture of Yasser Arafat on the window ledge behind him.

From the Jerusalem Post:

Ahmed Tibi became an overnight celebrity in Canada this week after he heckled Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper during his address to the Knesset.

Since heckling Harper on Monday, Tibi (United Arab List-Ta’al) has given 15 interviews to Canadian media outlets and has been invited to speak at universities in multiple provinces.

Tibi said he would go to Canada in the spring to lecture and give more interviews. (see here)

As Sun News’ Ezra Levant pointed out Tibi not only lied about the town not having water and electricity but is also a notorious racist and terrorist supporter (see here).

How sick is it when the Canadian media gives a huge platform to someone who supports terrorist organizations such as Hamas as long as they are anti-Harper?


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  1. Guffman Says:

    The media party’s Harper Derangement Syndrome at its absolute worst. This is nothing short of disgusting.
    Thankfully we at least have Ezra giving us some real background on Ahmed Tibi, and exposing his lies and terrorist ties.

  2. Liz J Says:

    How many are listening to Ezra’s information compared to those who watch the disgraceful antics of Solomon on his show, Liberal to the core and teeming with anti-Harper rhetoric?
    It’s one thing to be a clown but this is so far over the top it could be dangerous.

    • Roy Elsworth Says:

      liz cbc lost all credibility along time ago and I bet more are listening to ezra then you think. no one believes cbc anymore.

  3. fhl Says:

    the maggot media need to be held accountable.
    Thank you BC Blue for exposing their inept and disgraceful,reporting

    • BC Blue Says:

      I’ve repeatedly asked Solomon if he knew Tibi was a Hamas supporter but he refuses to answer

      • Liz J Says:

        If he didn’t know Tibi was a Hamas supporter he didn’t do his homework. Of course why would he care, all he cared about was the fact he heckled and walked out on our PM as he spoke, that’s the reason he gave him air time. Solomon must have been impressed by his boorish actions. Some Canadian he is showing no respect for the Prime Minister of his own country giving such a boor publicity on our own publicly funded network.

  4. Jen Says:

    The Times of Israel

    Canadians ‘taken aback’ at Arab MKs’ heckling of Harper

  5. Jen Says:

    Within hours of the disruption from the heckler, the Israeli Times no time investigating his complaint which they found to be untrue.

    The madness which the media are exposing themselves will come back to haunt them..

  6. Martin Says:

    CBC would be glad to pay Tibi’s passage to Canada and afford him a soapbox to lecture from. He could join the group of designated anti- Harper speakers, Teresa Spence, Neil Young, Brigette DePape and so on. One individual CBC is uninterested in talking to is Chief Allan Adam and that draft for $55,000 from Tides Foundation (reported in Sun News a week ago), CBC is slow of the mark on this development, but Canadians might want to know what the 55 grand was for.

  7. Tripper523 Says:

    They sure didn’t do a very tidy job cleansing the set before that interview, unless it was somehow a flaunting of a subtlety. Anyway you see it, it’s true that PM Harper is few by many phobics on the Left as being the worst terrorist imaginable. Goodness knows, we’ve seen Adolf Hitler in a comparative light of innocence through the self-prescribed lenses with which these media creeps and haters of decency view superior leadership and representation in the world today. It’s a wonder this Tibi character didn’t toss a smelly shoe at the Mr. Harper, to see if he could duck as well as George Dubya…

  8. Tripper523 Says:

    Sorry… PM Harper is “viewed” by many….

    • Maryls Says:

      Off topic, but I must say my tablet does that– puts in words I did not type, and if I don’t catch it it’s gobbledygook.

  9. Maryls Says:

    On topic: This is outrageous. The media have no integrity. How can they excuse such a blatant witch hunt and deliberate manipulation of public perceptions. Of course they do it all the time, but in this instance I am really shocked. This is disloyalty to Canada.

    • Liz J Says:

      I also think the CBC and many in the mainstream media, both TV and print media are showing disloyalty to Canada . For them their particular Liberal Left agenda trumps all, including truth in reporting.

      To give air time to a terrorist supporting fool like this is an insult to all our men and women who foguht and died fighting in the sands of afghanistan. It’s also an insult to all who fought and died in two previous World Wars and Korea.

      All we ask is factual reporting, can the spinning and criticism of our PM who has done us proud on this recent trip to Israel and the area. His speech to the Israeli parliament was stellar, any critique could only come from a person of Tibi’s ilk and the usual rabid haters of the Jews and the existence oftheir democratic state.

      Sadly that includes people who are posing as loyal Canadians among the media hacks and scribes who are unable to break free from their anti-Conservative agenda which trumps reasoned thought.

  10. Liz J Says:

    Just read the PM’s speech to the Knesset again for the third time! It was just so good, hit more than one nail on the head, in fact it was the best it could be.
    I wonder if Mr Tibs walked out at the point in his speech when he referred to and defined those who threaten Israel:
    “Those who scorn modernity, those who loathe the liberty of others and those who hold the differences of people and cultures and religions in contempt. Those who often begin by hating the Jews, but, history shows us, end up hating everyone who is not like them”.

    Can anyone even fathom Justin Trudeau of Mulcair making such a speech?

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