Global News reporter Keith Baldrey’s public apology to me

baldrey 4

This was retweeted by Global News BC legislative bureau chief Keith Baldrey Jan 17th:

baldrey hawthorn

This was tweeted by Baldrey Jan 28th after I made an official complaint:

baldrey apology

I have accepted the apology and retraction and will take no further action.


7 Responses to “Global News reporter Keith Baldrey’s public apology to me”

  1. Bubba Brown Says:

    I am glad you did not accept Kieth Baldrey’s slander.
    This calling out of insulting, unfounded remarks should happen more often IMO

  2. Liz J Says:

    This guy is a Bureau Chief?

  3. ohboy Says:

    Interesting to note that many people of the progressive persuasion resort to ad hominen arguments when they feel threatened or have little to add to the conversation.
    Also, especially when they’re caught out in a conflict of interest .
    National news media is bad enough but here in BC, the msm is blatant in their fawning and show no shame.
    I’m sure baldrey had to swallow a mess of antacids after having to apologize.
    Keep them worried…keep them honest…at least to some primitive level they can understand!
    Good on you Dean.

    • Sean M Says:

      For sure the so called BC media are a large reason why this Province is one of the most corrupt in the country, second only to the organized crime thugs that run Quebec, and have for decades, or the progressively corrupt Liberals that run Ontariowe.

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