Trudeau caught lying on what he told his Liberal caucus about Senators

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I won’t get into right now what a moronic move Liberal leader Justin Trudeau did today in announcing his Senate policy except to point out that his Senate leader James Cowan tripped him up badly.

This is damning evidence Trudeau told his caucus one thing and the media something else:

James Cowan, who had been the party’s leader in the Senate, says the formerly Liberal senators will continue to support Trudeau and call themselves the Senate Liberal caucus.

But when a reporter told Cowan the senators wouldn’t be able to fundraise or do anything connected to the party, Cowan seemed unaware.

“He [Trudeau] hasn’t said that … You’re saying ‘what he said,’ [but] that’s not what he said to us,” Cowan said.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Trudeau told reporters that the senators could remain party members, but that was about it.

“As far as political operatives, these senators will no longer be, you know, Liberal organizers, fundraisers, activists in any form,” Trudeau said. (see here)

Sure didn’t take long for this to start blowing up in Trudeau’s face.

Also: Watch Harper respond to Trudeau today and tell me this is a guy with a worried caucus.



21 Responses to “Trudeau caught lying on what he told his Liberal caucus about Senators”

  1. hollinm Says:

    Talk about double speak. Which is it…are they still members of the Liberal party who are Senators or are they simply Senators who have Liberal values. Talk about a snake oil salesman. Harper made him look foolish.

  2. Beachdude Says:

    I know that the media party is really trying to spin but how can they with a straight face?

  3. Bec Says:

    SO perfect was this entire moment for a ‘lotflmao’ experience but in all seriousness, it does expose Trudeau as an inexperienced GOOF!
    To think that this guy would need to ‘read’ his third party moment is astonishing. Especially because HIS third party moment led the news (as expected a good groupie days for the MM’s) but you’d think he’d want to at least look like he had half a brain?
    He didn’t and now he has cooked a real sour, stinky kettle of fish. it but who, why and what inspired this very bozo move?
    He has been exposed as a puppet and THAT is a very bad place to be put in. “Not a leader”, Again?

  4. Sean M Says:

    Justy is such a DOPE!! I mean seriously, beyond the Justine media who does little Justy think he’s kidding? The bigger question here is who leaked the AG’s report to the Liberal backroom boys, because, make no mistake this is what this stunt is all about, more Liberal corruption. We’re supposed to buy the absurd notion that Liberal Senators are not Liberal Senators because Justy has waved his magic wand and said so…? Seriously? Even that horrid commie Warren Kinsella thinks this a disaster and nothing more then a stunt. I hear that little Justy has also declared that the Adscam Liberals are no longer Liberals but rather “independent” adscammers, or non Liberal, Liberal adscammers. What a DOPE!!! LOL!!!

  5. Joseph Says:

    When Nik Nanos is saying that the folks in the liberal caucus where the ones caught of guard the most by this you know this was not thought out.
    Ol Nik was doing his best effort to spin this as taking the momentum on senate reform away from Harper but as the debate develops it will become obvious Harper is for reform, Mulcair is for abolish, and Justin has solidified the liberal position as the status quo.

  6. Liz J Says:

    This is one of the most pointless, silliest, stunts ever. It serves no purpose beyond proving how vacuous those involved really are and how desperate the Liberals are to steal a march on the PM? They’ve instead put themselves and their so-called leader on the same path as Dion and Ignatieff.

    The Liberal Senators will still be Liberal supporters, they will not have to attend caucus meetings to rub shoulders with the rumpsters in the HOC or hear first hand all things the Party plans to attempt to dupe the public with their dopey leader, they will have to do with a copy of the minutes passed on in the dark of night.

    Wake me when it’s over please!

  7. Steve O Says:

    So the Lies, Corruption & Deceit continues….What else is new…Steve O

  8. E Mac Says:

    Without a doubt there is something in the wind with the newest announcement by JT, but what can it be? The deliverance of the budget will presumably produce some luminescent cockameme mock-up of Liberal transparency. If it is discovered the budget was leaked to the Liberals, there ought to be an RCMP investigation as to who leaked it, and that person/s be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
    Canadians will comprehend soon, and even the fawning/toadying msm won’t be capable of covering the Liberal butts on this glowing paradigm.
    It is customarily known as performing a 180 degree turn , or eating crow.
    Bon Appetite!

  9. Martin Says:

    Within minutes of his announcements, the fired Senators were already contradicting their Leader. One female Senator said she would continue campaigning, raising money participating as she has for years. Jr has very little power to order them to do anything, some of them have been toiling for the party for 40 tears, since he was mere photo-op in his mother’ arms. These people are in the party for the long haul and they have seen 6 leaders in a little over a decade, so Jr tenure may not be that long. Expect more maneuvering from some of these back room boys and girls.

  10. Liz J Says:

    BTW, we better not catch any of Trudeau’s fired Senators using their positions to campaign for the Liberal party.
    That would put Trudeau’s ill thought out bozo plan deeper into sham category.

    Hopefully the PM has his people working to put an end to this nonsense, expose it for what it is, an act of silliness.

  11. Jen Says:

    ‘The Audit is coming’ and afraid that the liberal senators some of them might be on the list of abusive spenders Trudeau though that by firing the liberal senators asking them to be INDEPENDANTS instead would save them from the Audit. IMO.

    When the coast become clear then the Independents senators will all be rehired as Liberal senators.

    BTW, since the media is NOT going to mention this:- PM Harper did bring to the HOC, a bill to reform the senate but THE OPPOSITION PARTIES VOTED AGAINST THE BILL.
    Before he( PM Harper) presented his senate form bill in the HOC, he first went before the Senate COMMITTEE to inform them of his intentions.(reforming the senate). (Thursday, September 7, 2006)

    To this very day, the MSM have not mentioned a word of this to the public.

  12. wilson Says:

    There are only 4 members in his caucus west of the Ontario border now.
    2 from Vancouver, Goodale and a sask mp.
    With no senators defending western interests, Trudeau won’t have any caucus opposition to his antiwest anti-oilsands policy.

    • Martin Says:

      Kevin Lamoureux Winn North is Dep House Leader, so its 1 each for Sask and Man. still a grand total of 4

  13. Alain Says:

    Perhaps wee Justin and his advisors should read their own party’s constitution, since without it being changed he has no authority to do this. No doubt it was a botched attempt to exempt himself from any negative findings of the AG’s report, but it won’t fly.

  14. andycanuck Says:

    Did the CBC cut out the part where Sen. Cowan said that he was still the official Liberal Leader of the Official Opposition?

  15. Jen Says:

    Justin is saving his fired ‘liberal’ senators from the Auditor.
    Normally, when a person gets fired from its position representing a special group or in this case a political party for no reason at all that person or persons should ask why? what have I done to deserve this….?
    Instead, the now fired senators from the brand name’ liberal’ are obeying their boss.

  16. Jen Says:

    Had to rewrite
    Manny Montenegrino ‏@manny_ottawa Jan 29
    When @pmharper threw 3 Senators proven doing wrong “under the bus” Media aghast. Trudeau throws ALL innocent Senators under bus it’s OK

  17. Angus Says:

    You can’t hide from an investigation by changing the name of the thing that is being investigated Lil Pierre. Such an ass.

    • Jen Says:

      That is exactly what he had in mind.
      Justin is a fine one to fire people when he himself took money from the ‘mental health, unions, aboriginals for speaking engagements.

  18. FactPointVideo Says:

    No Liberal Senators, Justin?

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