Video: CBC At Issue panellist Bruce Anderson’s daughter works for Trudeau


During the telecast of last night’s At Issue segment, CBC host Peter Mansbridge disclosed at the request of Bruce Anderson that his daughter works for Liberal leader Justin Trudeau (watch here 2:30 mark).

Anderson does not elaborate in what capacity his daughter works for Trudeau but regardless it is a huge conflict on interest as not only does he appear on the CBC as a political expert, Anderson is Chairman of the polling company Abacus Data and part-owner with his brothers of the news aggregate National Newswatch.

I’ve asked Anderson about this conflict and will update if he replies.

h/t Bill Brasky


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  1.  Ursus Maritimus  (@CAGWSkeptic) Says:

    Was wondering about “NatNewsWatch” bias, that explains it.

  2. manitoba fay Says:

    Wow, no wonder National Newswatch is pro Liberal, all day every day.

  3. a Says:

    Wait a minute…This is the brother Rick who was a Reform guy back when…and now he’s investing with his brothers in that liberal biased rag news aggregator, National Newswatch??
    I know the left has finally turned Manning and we’ve got the terminal leftards Ninshe and Redford in Alberta so I guess Rick Anderson has now been turned into another ‘champagne socialist” ?
    Truly confusing times in ole Kanukistan.

    • BC Blue Says:

      From Wiki:

      As a young Liberal, Anderson subsequently worked at the national headquarters of the Liberal Party of Canada from 1974–1976, during the tenure of Senator Gil Molgat as party president and Blair Williams as National Director. In 1976 Anderson moved to Parliament Hill as a special assistant to cabinet minister Judd Buchanan of London West, and then worked on Prime Minister Trudeau’s election tour in the 1979 election. Anderson remained actively involved in the Liberal Party on a volunteer basis throughout the 1980s, assisting in several campaigns including those of Ontario Liberal leader Stuart Smith and Ontario Premier David Peterson.

      Anderson served as campaign manager for the 1984 Liberal leadership campaign of Don Johnston, assisted with Prime Minister John Turner’s 1984 campaign, and supported Paul Martin in the Liberal Party’s 1990 leadership election.

      • Liz J Says:

        Not much doubt this is a very political family with deep roots in the Liberal Party. We all have our political bents but putting on a hat of neutrality is dishonest. We’ve had some polling flops of late, they’ve been far off the mark which leads us to wonder what exactly is going on.

  4. Martin Says:

    One cannot be held responsible for the political bent of family members, as many frustrated parents can attest. Even the Kennedy grandchildren included one who was married for a time to a Republican governor.
    Still I am left to wonder who is deemed to represent a conservative viewpoint in this CBC panel? It cannot be Andrew Coyne, as he has acknowledged that he is a cousin of one of the contenders for the last Liberal leadership. This is a very tangential connection, (see above), and Coyne appears to be his own man; he just does not seem very sympathetic to the present government.
    Chantal Hebert from the Toronto Star?, enough said.
    Sometimes CBC does attempt a political balance with panels, but I don’t think they bother with this one.

    • BC Blue Says:

      A conflict of interest is a conflict of interest – end of story.

      • Frederick Says:

        This is not a conflict of interest under any legal definition or commonly understood meaning of the term.

        • BC Blue Says:

          “Independence is a core value of CBC. If a current affairs or news employee has a close relative, defined as spouse, parent, child or sibling who is a major actor in a story, that employee cannot be involved in the coverage. It is the responsibility of the employee to inform his/her supervisor of the potential conflict so that a protocol can be developed.”

  5. Russ Campbell Says:

    Judge the man by his words and ideas, not by the political party of his relatives, IMHO. His daughter is a Liberal, his brother is conservative…go figure. I watch At Issue every week and Anderson is a Liberal, but so what? Andrew Coyne is probably a Liberal too, but I still respect his views. Most pundits, etc., have a strong political bent–we can’t all be neutral.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Coyne is an admitted Liberal voter, there’s no probably about it. Fill your boots respecting his views while he continues trashing Conservatives and Harper – not me.

    • MaryLS Says:

      I did judge Anderson by his words, and he came across as quite biased to me. Yes, it is hard to have everyone be neutral — so why do they not include a conservative on their panel. Preston Manning would be a good choice now that he is out of politics.

  6. Russ Campbell Says:

    BTW, Anderson’s polling firm, Abacus Data, does polls for the National Post and Sun News Networks…are those media outlets also in a conflict of interest?

  7. m Says:

    Yes CBC all Liberal all the time and yet the CPC with a majority government keeps feeding them over a billion a year. Does the CPC have a death wish?

  8. MaryLS Says:

    I would like — sometimes — to see a recognizable Conservative on their panel

  9. Mary Hines Says:

    Peter has to have liberals on there – or they are not invited to participate. He wants to be able to conduct the questions to get negative response against the Government. Bash the Conservative Government is what Peter is all about.

  10. Martin Says:

    I think a simple acknowledgement of family political involvements goes a long way to alleviating most problems. This is what Andrew Coyne and Bruce Anderson have done, and to the best of my knowledge Kady O’Malley has not.
    Thus on CBC P&P when Kady gave a shriek of delight at hearing of Conrad’s Balck’s removal from the Order, listeners would be interested in knowing that her father was Broadbent’s director of communications at NDP. This bit of information was provided here at BCBlue sometime ago.

  11. Tripper523 Says:

    Good points, all, but I want to “see” BC Blue and Russ Campbell shake hands on the Right. Carry on with the commendable work, the illumination, and keeping the Opposition on its collective toes.

  12. Bec Says:

    AS a taxpayer i.e part shareholder/employer of all CBC employees, I would like to be exempt from paying a single dime to this news aggregate. I would like it in the form of a tax rebate or tax exemption because they DO NOT speak to me or for me, ever. They are not a NATIONAL news aggregate for ALL Canadians because I am a Canadian.

    If and when (a big if and when) they ever put a conservative pov on with their many blowhard anchors, it’s simply a physical presence, never an intellectual presence. So as a taxpayer and because I receive no shares, no employer benefit i.e decent programming, civilized discussion, I demand the cost of this disgusting network (1BILLION +) be returned to me.
    Divide the 1 BILLION with the number of taxpayers and I will accept it.

    Oh….and by the way…PLEASE remove them from my Sirius X 3 channels (un-frick-in believable I am stuck with them there too) plus I want them entirely off my cable.

    I cannot get over the people who complain about them but still enable them. It’s nuts.

  13. Exclusive: CBC’s Bruce Anderson responds to my criticism of daughter working for Trudeau | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] This is the correspondence between myself and Bruce Anderson after it was disclosed on CBC’s The National that his daughter works for Trudeau (see earlier post here). […]

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