Exclusive: Ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parish responds about Colin Kenny sexual harassment

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In trying to get some answers on what the Liberal Party knew and how they dealt with Senator Colin Kenny and his 30 year history of being accused of sexual harassment and assaults, I asked ex-Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish about her experience as explained in this CBC article:

In 2001, Kenny was active in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, a working group of politicians from NATO countries. 

The group wrote a letter to the head of the Canadian delegation, then-Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish.

The letter, obtained by CBC News, alleges Kenny made frequent phone calls to a female intern and female staff member. 

“In both cases, the women affected by this problem have indicated … that the attention they received was unwelcome, upsetting and made their work environment uncomfortable,” wrote Simon Lunn, who was at the time the secretary general to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

One of the women was “considerably distressed” by the attention, Lunn said. The other said that “what began as a friendly meeting became persistent and unwelcome attention,” he wrote in the letter.

Parrish says the NATO group urged her to oust Kenny from future trips to assembly functions.

“It was just general harassment. All that came to my attention was hundreds and hundreds of phone calls and requests to go out for dinner and requests to socialize,” Parrish said (see here)

My questions to Parrish and her responses so far:

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I’ll update if Parrish responds.

Also: See earlier post on the police knowing about multiple allegations against Kenny here


Another lie from Trudeau as Senator speaks at Liberal fundraiser


Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s Senate stunt has again been exposed as a complete pile of BS as the Liberals are caught having one of their non-Liberal Liberal senators fundraising for them:

A senator who sat as a Liberal before she was booted from the party’s caucus spoke at a Liberal riding dinner Wednesday night, despite leader Justin Trudeau’s pledge that exiled senators wouldn’t raise money for the party.

Sen. Mobina Jaffer was the featured speaker at a fundraising potluck dinner in Trenton, Ont., hosted by the Bay of Quinte Federal Liberal Association.

“Liberal caucus, and riding associations are free to make their choices of who speaks to their members,” said Andrée-Lyne Hallé, a Liberal party spokesperson. (see here)

According to Trudeau no Liberal Senators will fundraise unless they do.


Police well aware of sexual complaints against Liberal Senator Colin Kenny


Five more women have now come forward with allegations that Liberal Senator Colin Kenny sexually assaulted and harassed them dating back to the 1980s:

“He [Colin Kenny] would try to grab my breasts and I would push him away. He wouldn’t take no for an answer”

“On one occasion, he [Colin Kenny] grabbed my buttocks… [he] would try to peer down your blouse,”

“He [Colin Kenny] tried to kiss me and grope me. He was stalking me. It was non-stop,” (see here)

These latest allegations add to the former Kenny staffer who came forward last November with her complaint and which Trudeau stayed quiet about (see here).

But maybe the most damaging is this quote:

In some cases, the harassment stopped when the police were contacted. In other cases, authorities believed Kenny over the women. (see here)

The police had files of sexual complaints against Kenny and seemingly either just warned him to stop or did nothing by taking his word over the complainants.

Tell me that the RCMP and/or Ottawa Police didn’t do their best to keep these serious and repeated sexual complaints against Kenny under wraps in order to protect him.

Trudeau kenny

Also: CTV reported last night that outside investigators have concluded that Kenny used Senate staff to run errands for him including picking up prescriptions for erectile dysfunction (see here). See earlier blog post about it here

Marc Garneau loses all credibility defending Trudeau – his reward, thrown under the bus


I never understood how Liberal MP Marc Garneau was held up as some sort of better Liberal after he caved-in during their leadership race and backed Justin Trudeau even after declaring him unfit (see here) so I wasn’t overly surprised when Garneau was trotted out yesterday willing to shill for Trudeau:

Absolutely taking him out of context. They’re playing cheap political partisan politics, and you know, the answer is that I think they’re getting a little bit desperate. I smell fear. (see here)

Garneau completely embarrassed  himself defending the indefensible and smearing the Conservatives while doing it, so my feelings of schadenfreude  were beaming when Trudeau backed down today and issued an apology after the Ukrainian ambassador demanded one:

trudeau ukraine

Vadym Prystaiko: “You have to be extremely careful when you talk about 82 people who died fighting … for their future and everyone’s in danger. You’re just sitting in a nice room, and talking about things in such a light manner; it’s just inappropriate.” (see here)

In a very short time as leader, Trudeau has left the Liberal Senators, and now a Liberal MP hanging out to dry.

Using Senators and MPs as political protection and then turning them into cannon fodder is hardly a smart move for a party leader who doesn’t want knives being stuck in his back in return.

CBC reviews Rex Murphy oil conference speech but ignored when Peter Mansbridge did his

Peter Mansbridge

CBC editor-in-chief Jennifer McGuire has created an unintentional problem for the CBC after bending to the anti-oil sands lobbyists complaining about Rex Murphy’s oil conference speech (see here) – a can of worms immediately comes to mind.

First, McGuire has fully opened-up the media’s dirty little secret of journalists hiding their lucrative speaking gigs and potential conflicts of interests and secondly, how the CBC didn’t have an issue when their Chief Correspondent and The National anchor did the exact same thing.

This screen shot photo is from 2012 when Mansbridge accepted being the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers keynote speaker for their Toronto conference:

mansbridge capp 1

And this is from then US Ambassador David Wilkins who was in attendance (see here):

mansbridge capp

Looking forward to the CBC responding to my upcoming Ombudsman complaint.


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