Global News forced reporter to apologize for personal smear, University of Victoria refuses to do same

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The University of Victoria’s Fine Arts Dean, Sarah Blackstone is so far unwilling to get involved with disciplining  Sessional Instructor Tom Hawthorn (who she oversees) for his part in the libel that was directed at me.

The following is the correspondence between myself and the University of Victoria’s administration:

I would like to bring to your attention a tweet that your Sessional Instructor Tom Hawthorn retweeted on Jan 17 from his Twitter account which states that I harass and stalk females (see attached).

This is completely false and unacceptable. I am demanding he apologize and retract and if he does so, I will consider the matter closed and take no further action.

I await your response.


Dean Skoreyko


It has been three days and I have still have not received a reply to my complaint about Instructor Tom Hawthorn pushing a false and defamatory smear about me.

I will only wait until the end of the business day Monday Feb 3rd before taking further steps.

See attached Global News reporter Keith Baldrey’s public apology and retraction on this matter.


Dean Skoreyko


Mr. Skoreyko,

The University of Victoria has no responsibility for what its sessional instructors may say on Twitter; it is a private matter that in no way involves the University.

Sarah J. Blackstone

Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts

University of Victoria

Victoria, BC


Thank you for finally responding but as Tom Hawthorn’s Twitter account clearly states, it is associated with the University of Victoria (see attachment).

Also, if an instructor tweeted something racist or misogynistic would your opinion be the same? Have you asked your legal department to confirm your stance?


Dean Skoreyko

hawthorn uvic

Also: See earlier post of Global reporter Keith Baldrey posting his apology via Twitter here


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