How many Liberal Senators were absent for Trudeau’s Senate announcement last week?

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One thing that caught my attention after last Wednesday’s surprise declaration when Liberal leader Justin Trudeau announced his Senate stunt, was the number of missing Liberal Senators:

Liberal Senator Larry Campbell “was not at meeting where Trudeau disclosed his plans to senators, but heard about it from his staff later”

Liberal Senator Paul Massicote “I was not there, but I spoke to many Senators since”

Keep in mind that this was the first week back and first caucus meeting for this Parliamentary session after a long winter holiday break.

Look at the number of Liberal Senators in the photo above taken immediately after the Liberal caucus meeting – there are 32 Liberal Senators and I count 13 at this press conference.

Where were the remaining ones?




7 Responses to “How many Liberal Senators were absent for Trudeau’s Senate announcement last week?”

  1. Jen Says:

    Not only did Trudeau ‘FIRED’ his liberal senators, he wants nothing to do with them either. Another blow to them.
    Strange, I haven’t seen the cbc or ctv ramming their cameras before those lib senators asking ” how does it feel to be fired and kick out of the liberal senate and liberal caucus by our beloved Trudeau”.
    Remember how the media tried to kiss up to Duffy after they bashed him left right and center. I wonder if they will do the same to the ‘ unfortunate liberal senators who were fi for no reason at nor will the media dare ask their boss Trudeau.

  2. Liz J Says:

    If he told them they are no longer sitting as Liberal Senators are they just Senators who happen to be Liberal? If the whole purpose for this wacky move is to have an Independent Senate that means they don’t have to answer to anyone on any issue, just use their own judgement. Meanwhile, back at the funny farm, we have in the Senate Conservative Senators who will continue to do business as usual. It appears we have within the Liberal brain trust what’s been going on with their last crowned leaders, what’s known as SNAFU. Why would they, or how could they deal with a leader who will have nothing to do with them?

    • Liz J Says:

      Forgot to add, the expressions on some of their faces tells a story, they’re definitely discombobbulated. Poor Jimmy Munson, wonder if he’s had a call from his man Jean Chretien, who he toadied around after prior to being appointed?
      Why isn’t the media seeking out some of the old boys like Chretien or Martin for their opinions?

      • Liz J Says:

        I should clarify I’m not dissing Jim Munson who is probably a hard working Senator for the Liberals, but we really need examples to put forward to highlight how the media bias so rabidly goes after Conservatives. How they treated Duffy from the time he was appointed is an example.
        We need to hear from those we all pay salaries to no matter where they serve or what party they serve in government.

  3. Bubba Brown Says:

    The “cone of silence” has been lowered over this mess.
    Will Mr Muclair spend the next year asking why.
    Did the Senators audits disgrace the Liberal brand?
    Why no questions from media ?
    Other than SNN of course.
    As to where the missing Liberal Senators are, very good question Dean.
    We await an answer.

  4. Pissedoff Says:

    And being Liberals they want more money for being independent liberals

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Just a thought Dean, perhaps we should require the “Senators” to show up, with suitable picture ID to collect any and all Government money.
    Works for welfare is not this much the same? Just sayin’
    If you are in Mexico or desased no cheque.

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