Trudeau wants to re-establish parliamentary oversight of spy agencies his father removed


The CBC headline “Liberals call for parliamentary oversight of CSIS, CSEC” caught my eye:

Liberal MP Wayne Easter’s motion is two-fold: that the House acknowledges and express concern over reports that CSEC has been actively and illegally monitoring Canadians, and it calls for MPs to pass Bill C-551, which would establish a parliamentary committee that would oversee all national security activities. (see here)

One big problem for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals is that it was Pierre Trudeau who originally removed parliamentary oversight after the MacDonald Commission into the activities of the RCMP:


Bit of an inconvenient truth for the Liberals as their Safety Critic Wayne Easter is essentially saying Trudeau’s dad was wrong.

I’ve let CBC reporter Trinh Theresa Do (who wrote the above story) know of my findings, asking her to let me know when she gets a comment from Easter and I will update when I hear back.



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  1. gerry from gta Says:

    I seem to remember that Sheila Copps was an extreme critic of CSE (Communications Security Establishment) when she was in opposition during the 1980’s & 1990’s — once in power and as deputy PM she was strangely quiet and the issue seemed to be dropped being of importance. I always wondered why?

  2. Tripper523 Says:

    “What they say and what they do” are often two different things, especially when put in a position of authority to actually accomplish something. I think this, if Justin has the opportunity, is merely the beginning of many conflicts within the Trudeau brand, which will show him to be a modern-day Liberal first and foremost. Word from the street is the advanced polls for Ontario’s by-elections have been robust. The Wynne-led Joyce Morocco campaign got a timely boost today with the focus-on-Fort Erie’s jobs anemia announcement of a substantial contract for a new production-line at Airbus Helicopters Canada. Speaking of left-side columns, here’s another word from my local Liberal flyer…

  3. gerry from gta Says:

    People seem to forget why the RCMP security services were targeted for distruction. They correctly identified Pierre Elliot Trudeau spending two years off the grid in Moscow in the 1950’s (why & what was he doing there? — that is yet to be explained), then spent a year in China where he did his best immitation of Walter Duranty (who despite witnessing the ravages of the Soviet Artificial Famine of Ukrainians aka “Holodomor” that killed 10 million Ukrainians — KGB official stats — reported that things were hunky dorey and won a Pullitzer prize for it). Funny Trudeau was in China during the Great Leap forward and reported things were hunkey dorey when 20+ million Chinese were deliberatly starved to death because they resisted the Communist Government. Trudeau did not get a pullitzer prize but he became PM of Canada. WTF was he thinking?

    Now his son glorifies Communist China as being a state that gets things done yet between the Trudeau Sr. & Chrtetien governments introduced so much red tape that nothing gets done in Canada — is Trudeau Jr criticizing Trudeau Sr & Chretien and now Premier Wynne & McGuinty? — they all introduced so much red tape that nothing can be done without 10+ years of hearings.

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