CBC journo caught donating publicly-owned property to anti-oil sands group

laurie brown

In what should obviously be a firing offence, Sun News’ Ezra Levant exposes CBC employee Laurie Brown using her contacts and associations to obtain the usage of CBC stage and set materials in order to supply the David Suzuki mock trial she was organizing:


And joining her on the unemployment line should be two Royal Ontario Museum managers who broke the rules and guidelines to bring in Suzuki’s trial stunt:

suzuki rom

Also aiding the Suzuki organizers blocking Sun News from reporting:

suzuki rom 1

Going so far as to threaten to bring in off-duty Ontario Police officers to remove Levant from the event (watch video here apx 24:00 mark).

Question now, how common place is it for CBC and Ontario government employees to abuse their positions for financial and political gain?


17 Responses to “CBC journo caught donating publicly-owned property to anti-oil sands group”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Priceless exposure.
    Thank God for Ezra without whom this crap would go unreported.
    Sounds like the anatomy of a scandal to me but what do I know?

    Brown says Suzuki is an artist? Geeze, what planet is she on, better still what planet does she and her ilk think we are on?

  2. Bubba Brown Says:

    Ezra is just priceless, he lifts the rock and they all scurry for cover, good job!

  3. Martin Says:

    It’s telling what lengths CBC will go to protect one of their own. One can see them not questioning the notoriously thin skinned Suzuki, but why would they not report on his Australian meltdown? There he was exposed to be woefully ignorant of some basic facts of climate change.
    Or not comment on his creepy request for a female contingent of high school students to assist him on one of his lecture tours.
    Solomon was desperate last night to prevent John Ivison from stating the fact that, Suzuki publicly supported Joyce Murray for Liberal leader. He also publicly identified with Dalton McGuinty, so the Doc has not enjoyed a great deal of success recently with his endorsements, or public statements.
    He may be in need of some protection, but CBC should not be required to supply it.

    • ohboy Says:

      Good comment but allow me to change the last sentence to “CBC should not be ‘willing’ to supply it.”
      After all is said & done a taxpayer sponsored news outlet should not even consider anything but neutral news delivery.

      Thanx for humouring me !!

  4. Alain Says:

    As bad as this is it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the CBC with their French language network being even worse. Yes, I know it is hard to imagine. So why the government refusal to privatise this corrupt, partisan cesspool? I find this even more troubling that the never-ending CBC scandals, since they cannot help themselves.

    I agree that without SNN and the likes of Ezra and many times Brian of Byline it would be business as usual at the CBC.

  5. Fat Tony Says:

    Go get’em Ezra.

  6. Philanthropist Says:

    Has she paid up yet? Or will Suzuki be writing a cheque? Or is CBC property available on demand to organizations like Sun media perhaps?

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  8. Grass Hopper Says:

    Some damn fine investigative skill

  9. Stan Says:

    Any word on whether this earned Laurie the right to visit ‘the rarified air of the inner sanctum’ and worship at the feet of the Great Man himself?

  10. Mkelley Says:

    If this gig doesn’t work out for her, she can always come down to Obamaland and work for one of our networks or the Associated Press. They are always looking for good lefty activists that pretend to be “reporters”.

  11. Sooke Says:

    It’s the government.

    No one will be fired.

  12. Stan Says:

    If you are having trouble getting comments by the CBC censors just add a little note about forwarding it to Ezra so he can do a show on CBC censorship.
    It’s quite effective!

  13. Exurban Says:

    I’m just reading this post now, eight days after Dan put it up, so I’m a little out of date. However, that picture of Laurie Brown looks like it is 15 years out of date.

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