Conservative nomination candidate quietly deletes pro RCMP gun-grab comments

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It’s bad enough when we have someone running for the Conservative MP nomination who would rather side with the lying Alison Redford government than with the residents they are looking to represent but to not even have the strength of conviction to stand by their words is beyond contemptible.

This is the case with CPC nomination candidate John Barlow who first posted a defence of the RCMP gun grab during the flood in High River (see here) but has now deleted it from his Facebook account (see here) and refuses to even address it besides allowing an apologist to state his account was hacked:

chandler barlow

Curious if it were the same “Muslims” who this guy said (see here) hacked his website?:


One big problem for his supporters like Chandler is that the newspaper Barlow works for as the editor wrote and editorial with almost the exact same language attacking Wildrose leader Danielle Smith over the RCMP gun grab:

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Does Smith and the Wildrose party truly believe High River, Okotoks and Alberta RCMP officers conspired to plunder residents’ homes?

The accusation is absolutely ridiculous and Smith who, ironically, stayed in her High River home after the flood should be embarrassed.

Officers worked tirelessly during the rescue and she should be standing behind them not throwing them to the wolves. They were following protocol checking homes for stranded residents, pets, gas leaks and, yes, firearms not properly stored.

The RCMP has committed to compensate everyone who had damage to their doors and legal firearms have been returned.

The damaged doors should be a non-issue, especially considering all the other substantial obstacles the community is facing.

The majority of High River residents are working hard to rebuild their community and they could certainly use the positive support of their MLA.

Instead Smith is wasting people’s time inciting infighting (see here)

Keep in mind that Barlow doesn’t mention that he ran for the Redford PCs in 2012 against Smith:

barlow 2barlow-redford

But hey, maybe his newspaper was hacked by those “Muslims” too?


6 Responses to “Conservative nomination candidate quietly deletes pro RCMP gun-grab comments”

  1. Jimmy Says:

    PC’swow that is great work, this news needs to be spread around AB so the regular joes who just get their news from msm know what is really going on with their “conservative” party

  2. anonymous Says:

    So, who is the candidate that actual conservatives should be supporting in this riding?

  3. Robert Connon Says:

    A good rule of thumb is “Do not vote for anyone Chandler backs”.

  4. a Says:

    Another blatant red Tory mole (a la Redford, Clark etc) looking to fool the uninformed and naive voters in order to then be in a position to obstruct and undermine the Conservative voice in Canada from a camoflaged ‘duck blind’.
    Newsflash: Socialists are not Conservatives!

  5. RCMP gun-grabber supporter John Barlow wins High River Conservative nomination – time to clean house at Political Operations | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] And while a nomination candidate, deleted a pro-gun grab Facebook posting and sent out his mouth-piece to ludicrously say his Facebook account was hacked (see both here). […]

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