Calgary Herald headline: ‘Conservatives are shooting Muslims’


How much does the Calgary Herald hate anyone in the Conservative Party who refuses to be anti-gun you ask?

Look no further than the idiotic story by Postmedia reporter Reid Southwick who blatantly attempts to interfere in two Conservative nomination races:

A Calgary Muslim leader says a photograph showing MP Rob Anders and federal candidate Melissa Mathieson at a firing range in front of a target depicting a lifelike image of a terrorist promotes hatred.

Then repeatedly hounds both Anders and Mathieson:

When reached a second time to respond to Merhi’s claims, Anders declined to comment and hung up his phone.

When contacted again to comment on Merhi’s allegations that the bin Laden image promotes hatred, Mathieson said she was busy campaigning and referred a reporter to her earlier statement. (see here)

Just don’t ever expect Southwick to ask Trudeau any real questions of course.

But jumping off the deep-end into full-frothing nutbar journalism is the blog post by Calgary Herald editorial board member David Marsden:

Shooting Muslims. That’s what the federal Tories are up to now?

FYI: It is inappropriate to shoot at a target of a Muslim wearing a turban.

Calgary West MP Rob Anders wakes up one day and ends up posing with somebody called Melissa Mathieson at a firing range with a target of a Muslim and what appears to be a zombie in the background?

Mathieson is apparently seeking the Conservative nomination to replace Ted Menzies in the Macleod byelection.

Guns, of course, have a role to play in society. Racism, no matter how it’s concealed, does not. And Anders and Mathieson have no role to play in public office.

“As leaders, they should promote tolerance and show the real image of Canada, a peaceful place where people come to enjoy freedom of speech and religion, and not being judged because of somebody else’s actions,” says Souheil Merhi, chairman of the Muslim Council of Calgary.

Merhi makes a lot of sense; the other two, not so much. (see here)

herald marsden

Obviously the other target depicting a white guy in a dress shirt and tie is racist as well and an example of promoting class warfare right?

Update: Looks like the Herald pulled Marsden’s blog post


17 Responses to “Calgary Herald headline: ‘Conservatives are shooting Muslims’”

  1. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    Race baiting at it’s worst…

  2. Martin Says:

    The NatPost version of the story, very clearly shows the 2nd photo of the white perp riddled with holes. That escapes mention in the text.
    I would point this out in the comments,… but they are closed for this particular “news” event.

  3. Roy Elsworth Says:

    that’s just stupid of the Calgary hearld don’t he know more murders happen with knives and fists then guns.

  4. robins111 Says:

    Personally. I think its good for a couple of thousand extra votes…

  5. Alain Says:

    People need to hammer home the truth every time this kind of lie is trotted out. The truth is that it is the actions and behaviour of certain groups that promote hatred, not a shooting range target.

  6. fhl Says:

    if the Calgary Herald is concerned they need to publish the whole true story and not cut and paste their misleading statements
    Reminds me of this disgraceful CBC report back in 2006

  7. andycanuck Says:

    It looks like the “shooting Muslims” Marsden blog commentary or the version with that headline is now stealth 404ed as your second link. Your second link is dead; the story link I found using Bing and a paragraph-long direct quote of Marsden’s (using two different paragraphs) is also dead; so that sounds like a guilty mind admission of wrongdoing on the Herald’s part to me.

  8. andycanuck Says:

    And from the now-censored blog posting, I note the “sleazy question mark” journalistic usage. Make an egregious claim but follow it up with a question mark to show that you don’t really mean to say what is implied; you’re only suggesting it’s one of many possible ways of looking at something but you’re not directly saying it. “My opponent is a pederast” is a statement; “My opponent is a pederast?” is a simple query.

  9. fhl Says:

    This speech by Stephen Harper as opposition Leader of the Alliance party has been banded about perhaps we should read what Stephen Harper actually said in 2003

  10. Rod Says:

    Marsden should be very proud of his accomplishment. There’s not too many people that can shove both feet in their mouth, while their head is so far up their a**. I tip my hat to this schmuck.

  11. Bec Says:

    Guys like this could be why the CH is as thin as cheap toilet paper and why the poor delivery people have to drive rather than walk a route. It’s flushable.

    What was once a ‘can’t live without’ became a ‘garbage in, garbage out’. I would rather pay for anything before this newspaper and mostly because of the lack of talent and miserable bias.

  12. Robert Tripp Says:

    Even most video games involving terrorists will pit the controller against the stereotypical Islamic extremist. May as well get lots of practice and sharpen the aim, because it’s inevitable we’ll be facing them as the Number One threat to world peace and stability. If you had Daffy Duck on the target, would that upset Greenpeace, or invite the scorn of Duck Dynasty denizens? Cartoons seem to guarantee the most violent reactions from people, and political caricatures (and even the real politicians) fall into that category.

  13. Gary Says:

    Souheil Merhi, chairman of the Muslim Council of Calgary, and the guy yelling “anti-Muslim”……Please. Just shut up. No one cares what you have to say. Really. Go away.

    • Alain Says:

      Were one to give another example using Merhi’s “logic”, a target showing a zombie Hitler would equate to shooting Germans or yelling anti-German. The MSM with the exception of SNN is no better.

  14. RJ65 Says:

    On Sun TV it showed that the targets are produced by a third party manufacturer, and there are a variety to pick from. The white coloured zombie appeared to be named “Steve”. I note that there was no mention of that and its very clear link to hatred of Albertans and conservatives (tongue in cheek). Some people have such very thin skins.

    I don’t see the poster of Bin Laden as a hatred of Muslims, though it could be a sign of a persons feelings towards what Bin Laden stood for. Similarly, I would like to see a poster of Lenin or Stalin if I were at that shooting range. That does not mean that I hate Russians, but rather what those two monsters stood for.

    By having such a thin skin, writers like this one at the Herald only create more tension between Muslims and non-Muslims. They don’t contribute anything constructive.

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