My questions to Calgary Herald about editor writing that Conservatives shoot Muslims

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My email sent to managers at the Calgary Herald:

I am looking for comment on editor David Marsden’s blog post “Shooting Muslims. That’s what the federal Tories are up to now?” as so far I have not seen a statement been issued:

– Do Herald blog posts get prior approval before being posted and if so, who approved this one?

– Did Marsden write and post his own headline and if not, who did?

– The blog post was quickly pulled from the Herald’s website, who made that decision?

– Obviously the Herald management found this blog post did not meet its journalistic standards, has Marsden and anyone else associated with its posting been disciplined?

– As Marsden is a member of the Herald’s four-person editorial staff, how will you ensure readers that his anti-Conservative bias has been dealt with?

Dean Skoreyko

Also: For more background on this, see earlier bog post here

Update: The Calgary Herald’s response and my follow-up:

Hi Dean:

Thanks for your email. I am going to answer your question one by one.

No, Herald blog posts do not get prior approval prior to posting. They are the views of the writer in question.

Yes, David wrote and posted his own headline and post. Blogs are not like newspaper articles, where the headline is written by someone other than the writer of the piece.

David decided to pull the post when he learned a bit more about the paper targets that were used. It was his decision.

I don’t see why he would need to be disciplined. The post was his point of view and clearly positioned as an opinion. He still thinks it was inappropriate for something that could be construed as depicting Muslim males in general to be used as a target by federal lawmakers in Canada.

As for your unfounded allegation that he has an “anti-Conservative bias” I think his thoughtful editorials and columns would prove such a claim to be incorrect.

Thanks for your email, I hope this clarifies any questions you may have had.

All the best,

Licia Corbella
Calgary Herald
Editorial Page Editor



Thank you for your response but one of your answers is contradictory and another not supported by what Marsden wrote.

You state that Marsden pulled the blog after learning more about the targets in question yet still feels it was racist of Anders and Mathieson to shoot at anything depicting Muslim males. Which is it?

Also, you say Marsden has no anti-Conservative bias yet his headline states “Tories are shooting Muslims”. As a Conservative ie Tory, I take great offence to any newspaper headline that labels me and others violent, murderous racists and to say so, shows an extreme bias.


8 Responses to “My questions to Calgary Herald about editor writing that Conservatives shoot Muslims”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Funny way to show “no Conservative bias”. I’d venture a guess it’s the opposite. It’s also a poor reflection on an editor’s credentials to go off half-cocked. Had he investigated the “targets” he would have had no story to make a headline grabber.

    There needs to be an apology, for what it’s worth, at least he’d humble himself to admit he was wrong.

  2. Martin Says:

    “when he learned a bit more about the paper targets that were used”

    As I said yesterday, the photo of the white perp target is plainly visible and causes Marsden no problem whatever, It is only the Muslim target that is worrisome. This is shoddy journalism, and for them to pretend that blogging should be held to a lower standard just won’t wash. Were Marsden to post a blatant racist post against a non-white group, I’m pretty sure the Herald would react differently.

  3. fhl Says:

    David Marsden reeks of hypocrisy he uses the headline Tories thus lumping me a Conservative in with his opinion that I shoot Muslims TOTAL HYPOCRISY

  4. Bec Says:

    I am completely disgusted with this entire story. I am a Conservative and I have many friends who are Muslim but THEY are Canadians FIRST. They too despise the terrorist who appears to be the caricature on the target. I expect they would despise the WHITE thug who hasn’t been identified too but the embellishment crapolla in this blog wasn’t about that, it was intended to insinuate an utter falsehood. It was also intended to isolate Rob Anders and the new CP candidate.
    Could some of the editorial players in this story have an ulterior motive? Just asking?

    I would like to add, I have been in many situations where the opposite has occurred. Where the leaders of the GOP, the Conservative PM, the POPE and a few others have been the victims of dart board games. Maybe the supposed journalists associated with this story should see and report some of those realities.

    It just seems that HUMOUR and VENTING is only allowed on one side. These people (ie the subject of this discussion) are so thin skinned and always have been. They never have to give us value anymore. They give us vacuous- ness and what should remain in their basement, with friends over a beer. NOT in a newspaper blog.

  5. Blame Crash Says:

    I love the smell of journo-fraud self-immolation in the morning. It smells of victory.

  6. andycanuck Says:

    We’ll have to see if Ms Corbella’s response includes something along the lines of the lame “but there was a question mark!!! so it was just asking a question and not stating a fact” defence.

  7. lynn Says:

    The author and the paper deserve a bruising. The headline is beyond sensational and obviously meant to rile up supporters of the mayor (by association). This kind of word play is beyond insulting. It feeds the narrative that conservatives are bigoted sociopaths, frauds and liars. If I subscribed to the Calgary Herald; I’d cancel my subscription.

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