CBC’s CSEC airport spying story proven untrue


Another story by CBC reporter Greg Weston using documents provided to him by Glenn Greenwald that were stolen from NSA by Edward Snowden has proven to be a lie.

This time it’s the false accusation that CSEC was spying on Canadians using airport internet services (see here) as that agency’s watchdog explains:

A federal watchdog says Canada’s electronic eavesdropping agency did not invade the online activities of Canadians during a controversial study of wireless communication at airports.

The independent body that monitors Communications Security Establishment Canada says the spy agency’s effort wasn’t about mass surveillance or the tracking of Canadians. (see here)

This is now the second straight story from Weston about illegal spying which the documents he used did not back up his claim. You can read my complaint filed with the CBC’s Ombudsman over his NSA spy story and their response here.

The only question remains is how Weston still has a job.

Update: In his members statement, Conservative MP James Brezan gives the middle finger to Weston, Greenwald and the Media Party:

Mr. James Bezan (Selkirk—Interlake, CPC): Mr. Speaker, yesterday Communications Security Establishment’s independent watchdog, Judge Jean-Pierre Plouffe, confirmed that the agent was behaving lawfully. This assessment marks a significant humiliation for the CBC, which lined the Brazilian bank account of a former porn executive in order to pay for its so-called news scoop.

All the media that repeated so breathlessly Glenn Greenwald’s slandering allegations about Communications Security Establishment Canada will probably ignore the hon. Jean-Pierre Plouffe’s report and they will also continue ignoring the scandal of the CBC paying porno spy Glenn Greenwald for news, but while they avoid correcting the stories about CSEC’s activities which they initially reported on, Canadians can rest safe in the knowledge that Communications Security Establishment Canada continues to fulfill its mandate of protecting the safety and security of Canadians from threats and that it continues to respect Canadian laws.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    CBC will give Weston the mandatory Silver Ribbon for what they will consider to be his valiant attempt to drag the Conservatives down despite the raft of inaccuracies. If there were any truth to his writings he´d get the mandatory Gold Ribbon and a free ticket to holiday in Cuba.

  2. Martin Says:

    Good luck with that complaint to the ombudsman. The problem as I see it comes from the CBC site and this admission:
    “Ms. Enkin has over 25 years of journalism experience with CBC News”
    As with the 2 previous ones, Ms Enkin is not an outsider at all, but would come complete with the CBC sensibility.
    I don’t see how such an appointment can provide objective judgment of her former colleagues. If they really wished an objective official, CBC would appoint a journalist with 25 years experience at Sun News, or a similar outlet.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Weston is a prime example of the laziness, the intellectual dishonesty and the left leaning ideological motivations of most media activists who disguise themselves as “journalists”. The CBC is clearly a diseased organization that is so blinded by their hatred for non-“progressives” (non-marxists) that they will say and do anything to make their ideological opponents look bad, and if that means lying, so be it. I’m sure the CBC will ignore the facts, again, because for the CBC and most other lefty leaning media it’s all about creating a negative perception of their political opponents, if one has to lie to manufacture that negative perception then thats okay. Rather than apologize and retract these false claims I’m sure the CBC will be rewarding Westons mendacious attacks, perhaps giving him an autographed life sized poster of Pierre Trudeaus empty headed kid, or a copy of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, but more likely they’ll just give him a pat on the back and a raise.

  4. Conservative MP calls out CBC’s Greg Weston for revealing intelligence workers’ names | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] for running false spy stories as he follows up today after giving them the middle finger yesterday (see here) with this […]

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