Conservative MP calls out CBC’s Greg Weston for revealing intelligence workers’ names


Conservative MP Paul Calandra isn’t letting the CBC and Greg Weston off the hook for running false spy stories as he follows up today after giving them the middle finger yesterday (see here) with this statement:

Mr. Paul Calandra (Oak Ridges—Markham, CPC): Mr. Speaker, over the weekend, the CBC revealed the names of three NSA employees when its cameras panned across National Security Agency documents. In fact, the CBC has revealed leaked NSA document that have inadvertently disclosed the names of at least six intelligence workers it never intended to give away.

These documents were stolen by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and sold to the CBC by Glenn Greenwald. Greenwald, the porno-spy, has said he would not publish the names of U.S. intelligence workers unless they were top-ranking public officials. Clearly that is not the case.

Not only is this information in CBC’s ethically illicit pay-for-news scheme false, but it is jeopardizing the security of individuals who, unlike the CBC, I will not be naming here today.

 Why is furthering porno-spy Glenn Greenwald’s agenda and lining his Brazilian bank account more important than the public broadcaster maintaining its journalistic integrity?

Also: See Weston defending his disproved story by basically calling the CSEC watchdog, Judge Jean-Pierre Plouffe a liar here


7 Responses to “Conservative MP calls out CBC’s Greg Weston for revealing intelligence workers’ names”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Well, after this revelation it’s time for the Government to take action.
    Demanding Weston be fired would be a start. He works on our dime so who takes responsibility for this? A journalist with his experience would have to know there are dangers in revealing these names so what is he up to? Is he trying to make trouble for the government in some way?

  2. mahmood Says:

    The *when in a hole, stop digging* rule doesn’t apply to our state funded *journalists*. They’ll throw down another spade and find *experts* to help them dig.

    • Pissedoff Says:

      As long as Harper keeps paying they will keep digging.

      • bertie Says:

        Yes pretty soon Harper is going to start losing big time support if he does not do something drastic about this rag of a news station CBC.He should have cut off funding the first year of his majority and it would have been forgotten by now.

  3. Dave Says:

    “maintaining its journalistic integrity?” You’re kidding, right?

  4. Liz J Says:

    Appears this is all A-OK with the government, it’s crickets as usual. Axe grinding scribes and mouth pieces know they will not be called out….we need to realize who pays if the CBC gets sued. It’s hard to deal with when it appears, for Weston and others we are familiar with, getting at PM Harper and this government trumps their own credibility/integrity as journalists.

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