Postmedia’s Maher writes Minister Jason Kenney “needs a wife”


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Flip this around as if a Sun News journalist wrote that a female Liberal MP “needs a husband” – the Media Party would go ape and demand the person be fired:

I suspect Kenney knows that if he wants Harper’s job, he needs a wife. (see here)

One set of rules for Conservatives and another for everyone else.


15 Responses to “Postmedia’s Maher writes Minister Jason Kenney “needs a wife””

  1. Liz J Says:

    What their motivation is for even mentioning such a thing is another question. It’s just more silly antics by supposed adults acting like juveniles.
    People we elect to politics, male or female are their own persons, no where is it stated they have a partner to be leader of the country. Add to that, Kenney has already said he supports the PM and will be happy to run under his leadership next election.

    These jackasses are starting to look sillier and sillier not good examples or role models for the profession they practice.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Email Maher, his editor and Postmedia management and ask what he meant by it

      • Clary Says:

        I have emailed Postmedia many times about Mahar, den Tendt and Coyne and have never received a reply. I assume they just don’t care. I just cancelled my subscription to their paper instead.

  2. Claudia Lemire Says:

    I guess, Mr. Meher forgets Mackenzie-King, a famous bachelor and PM for over two decades, or Pierre Trudeau another famous Liberal bachelor, or was he insinuating anything about Minister Kenney’s sexual orientation?!

    A very unbecoming and unacceptable piece.

  3. Lore White Says:

    Why does he have to have a wife? We are not living in the 1900’s. Also the great(haha) PET. Didn’t have a wife, had a wife, divorced the wife. Did anybody care?

  4. Paul Says:

    Really? Bachelor Conservatives need not apply?
    Dumb-ass theory.

  5. fhl Says:

    I think he suffers from foot in the mouth disease

  6. Robert Tripp Says:

    If Jason Kenney came out with a boyfriend, he’d probably swing a lot more votes from the Left. However, as has been determined, the relevancy of having a spouse is really just confined to those people who enjoy the visuals of a leader’s First Lady, or Gentleman. Marital Status comprises no meaningful substance in a PM. It’s “nice” if it’s there, as with the Stephen Harpers, but it is not at all prerequisite to the job.

  7. Bubba Brown Says:

    So Maher says Minister Kenny “needs a wife”.
    if he wants to be PM.
    Two things come to mind, one is that I have not heard that he wants the job.
    Two the Liberals “need a Leader” if they ever want to move up from rump status.
    Then again if JT keeps helping out at Liberal by-elections there won’t be one left in office in Canada, feel the “magic” and smell the desperation behind lame articles like this one.
    You are welcome Mr Mahar.

  8. RJ65 Says:

    Kenny’s biggest drawback to being a future PM is his geographical location. I am sure the Conservative Party would like to have someone from central or eastern Canada as the next leader. That being said, in my view he would be the best man (person) for the job. His marital status or orientation is irrelevant.

  9. Joseph Says:

    The rule in politics is that if you leave some question out there and don’t respond to it, the question gets answered for you.
    So let me give it a try by turning the tables so to speak.
    I will suggest that the jorno wants to marry Jason Kenny… not that there is anything wrong with that… or so I’ve been instructed… However I would think that Kenny doesn’t lean that way and would prefer to wed someone of the opposite gender not the journo making the proposal in writing like that.
    That is what he meant right?

  10. marryt Says:

    Remember when Adrian Clarkson needed a husband to be GG.

    • Liz J Says:

      Clarkson and Saul were living together but not married when she was appointed. It was determined it wouldn’t be proper Representatives of the Queen to be “shacked up” at Rideau Hall. If she had been single I doubt she would have needed a “consort”.

  11. Jen Says:

    Maher just likes to be talked about; it gives him a sense of security.

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