Trudeau’s star candidate cooks himself – abused military moving expenses


The Liberal’s military superstar Andrew Leslie just flamed out after being caught expensing $72,000 in moving fees a year after retiring from the military:

One of Canada’s most high-profile military leaders claimed more than $72,000 in expenses, including real estate fees, for a move from his Ottawa home to another residence in the city after he retired, CTV News has learned.

Leslie retired from the military in 2011, but members of the Canadian Forces are entitled to expense one last move after they retire.

The house Leslie moved to in an upscale neighbourhood in the nation’s capital is just a four-minute drive from his former residence, a home that property records show sold for more than a million dollars.

In a statement to CTV News, Leslie was adamant that he did not break any rules.

“The Department of National Defence handles and pays all the costs for packing, shipping… The overwhelming majority of the expense is certainly the real estate fees,” the statement said.

Leslie is expected to run for the Liberals in the next federal election and he is a keynote speaker at the party’s convention next week. (see here)

Another Liberal entitled to their entitlements.

Also: See earlier post on Leslie helping Trudeau by-passing proper procedures for registering in the Army Run (see here)

Update: Postmedia’s resident Trudeau ass-coverer was up and at it already this morning (see here).

Tell me Trudeau’s puppet-master Gerald Butts didn’t immediately get on the phone with McGregor after seeing the CTV story.

Update: The Conservatives will be investigating Leslie’s moving costs:

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson “I will be asking the Department of National Defence (DND) to examine how an in-city move could possibly total over $72,000” (see here)


16 Responses to “Trudeau’s star candidate cooks himself – abused military moving expenses”

  1. bocanut Says:

    Hi Dean,
    Another Liberal cooking himself:
    ” Given that Flaherty faithfully briefs Bay St. bankers on the budget well before its release, we all therefore knew Flaherty wasn’t after any big, banner headlines. ”
    Quite the libelous statement from a Liberal spokespunk.
    From the Sunday Sun Kinsella column -Feb 16

  2. Liz J Says:

    Would Leslie’s love for the Liberals have anything to do with the Harper Government not giving him another term as Ombudsman for the Military? IMO he’s in the right party with the right leader, I’m sure with Justin’s military expertise and knowledge Leslie will concentrate on bashing the Conservatives and nothing much else. Leslie should be ashamed to show his face for what appears to the average Joe to be a rip off but we know the media will not bother him, he’ll be quite popular. It’s another case of he’s entitled to his entitlements, it’s a Liberal thing.

    Can we assume Leslie has no memory of how the military was treated under decades of Liberal rule?

    People who go into politics with a chip on their shoulder are not too appealing to the public in general.

  3. Mike Johnston Says:

    As a 13 year veteran of the Cdn Forces, I spent the late 50’s and all of the 70’s with two tours of Germany. The first tour we were not given proper equipment and had to rely on a surplus store in Soest Germany to get camp cots and surplus US jackets and this was under the liberals. Leslie is only upset that he did not get promoted under the conservatives so decided to get out of the forces and join the liberals, just like Delaire and you don’t want to know what I think of him. I can’t speak about his entitlements but it sure appears excessive and I hope in comes back to bite him.

  4. Dave Says:

    He did not break the rules, everyone is entitled to a final move when they release from military after 20 or more years of service. If he wanted to move across the country or across the street DND pays the expenses. The lions share would have come from the real estate, legal fees and taxes on the sale of his house, which was +\-1million dollars. I not saying that I support it I am just stating the facts and I really do not think anyone would be talking about this if he had just retired and not work for JT. Final point BC blue I have been a strong supporter of the conservative movement my entire adult life having voted PC/Reform/CPC since 1988 and you might be able to tell from my knowledge of CF regulation that I am a member of the military. All that to say the current government seems to be working very hard to lose my vote and the votes of a strong block of conservative voter in the likes of serving and retired military members. Cutting budgets for the military and neglecting veterans while claiming to support the troops wins no vote from me and my group of friends. Two quick examples solely owned by the current government, plan to buy Aurora replacement now cancelled after last budget and an increase in health plan payments for retired military members. I will not vote NDP or liberal but I may not vote.

    • Liz J Says:

      One little thing about being allowed a final move, it costs a lot more to move across the country than in the same town just down the street from your current residence. Why is this not considered and the differences in the money be balanced out and used where needed. $72,000 is a lot of money by any standards even considering entitlements.

    • Scott M Says:

      I’m in the same boat brother, ex-military, life long conservative and I agree with you 100%. Anyone with any time in, knows the ins and outs of moving in DND. Maybe General Leslie did join the libs because he was passed over, so what? IMO he should have been CDS. I can’t stand JT and the libs however General Leslie did nothing wrong here, it’s just politics

      • BC Blue Says:

        Pure BS. The DND moving policy was not designed for millionaire generals downsizing a few blocks away.

        • Scott M Says:

          I was in for 24 years so I think I know the moving system in DND. When you get out your allowed a move to the place were you orginally joined or somewhere closer. When I was in (and my last move was to Edmonton in the late 90’s) an average move from PMQ to PMQ (so no real estate agent fees involved) cost 25k or more depending on how much F&E you had. When I got out they moved me from my house in Edmonton across town. I don’t know what the average is now but 70K for a million dollar home doesn’t seem excessive. Hey like I said, I’m no lib lover and I like a good pile on like everybody else, but let’s not jump to conclusions here. And another thing, if you’re familiar with the military at all, generals are not Ptes and Cpls. I don’t know what it is with civilians who think these guys should be riding on the bus with all the other schnooks. They guy is general for Godsakes. If he scammed the system okay go after him, but until then maybe tone it down a notch.

        • BC Blue Says:

          You’re excuses are still complete BS. Go peddle it somewhere else.

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    When you have to explain something and begin with “this is perfectly legal” you lose, optics is everything.
    Besides imagine if this was a Conservative appointment, the MM would be howling.

  6. Martin Says:

    Funny how the same people who went ballistic over a carelessly ordered $16 juice, are prepared to defend a $72,000 move around the corner. Both expenditure claims were legal, but that is hardly the point, were Canadians well served by the expenses.

  7. Media Party runs cover for Trudeau’s star candidate abusing moving expense | BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all... Says:

    […] Liberals are about their star candidate Andrew Leslie getting caught feeding at the public trough (see here) by the reaction from their Press Gallery […]

  8. Liz J Says:

    This revelation has gotten the ire of the Liberals and the General who are calling it a smear job by the Conservatives. Where do the NDP come down on this one? It’s odd for them not to have an opinion on anything to do with the military which they traditionally have not been supportive of on different issues and downright against when they were in Afghanistan risking their lives. They were up ranting off every day about how they were treating the Taliban, accusing them of committing war crimes.

    Bottom line, it’s only Conservatives who have to toe the line, never stray off, Liberals are not to be called out, if they are it’s a “smear job”. Different strokes for different folks…..

  9. Scott M Says:

    You’re excuses are still complete BS. Go peddle it somewhere else. BC

    Whoa! Loyal reader here! Think much before you press that send button BC? If you’re right about Leslie scamming the system, hey you can be the first to tell me “I told you so” Believe it or not I do enjoy reading your blog and I agree with you 99.9% of the time but in this case I’m just asking you to wait until the facts come in before we rush in to judge this man. I don’t care what the msm says for or against the guy. He was in for 35 years and he was a solider’s solider, so I think he’s at least entitled to borrow some out of the credit column and be given the benefit of the doubt, before we line-up the firing squad. Just sayin.

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