Liberals lie about Conservatives heckling MP Chrystia Freeland when it was actually a journalist


Below is the fundraising letter sent out by Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland in which she lies about being told to “use her big girl voice” by Conservative MPs in the House of Commons when in fact it was tweeted by Vancouver Observer journo Matthew Millar (see here). Notice that the Liberals even blurred out his name and photo to hide his identity:

Alberta —

Picture this:

You go to work, and after lunch, go into a meeting with some colleagues.

You start to ask a question, and all of a sudden everyone starts shouting at you.

By the time you leave the meeting, people have taken the abuse to Twitter, and one person tells you to use your “big girl” voice if you want to be heard.

Sounds totally offensive right?

offensive tweet

Yet that’s exactly what happened to me in the House of Commons a few weeks into my new job as a Member of Parliament — I was shouted down by Conservatives as I asked the government a question during Question Period.

Whether it’s heckling me because I’m a woman in QP, or launching an attack ad against us as they try to disrupt our convention, the troubling thing about the $18-million that the Harper Campaign raised last year is the Conservatives won’t think twice about using it to try to bully their opponents.

We’re using the $11-million we raised last year very differently. We’re building a plan together with Canadians so we can grow the economy to benefit all.

Already 667 Canadians have chipped in $31,689 toward Justin’s vision of a strong Canadian middle class. But we need you in this if we’re going to close the gap.

Don’t let the Conservatives shout us down. Let them know Canadians insist that women’s voices be heard, including in the House of Commons.

Donate $3 right now and help us raise $250,000 before Justin takes the stage Thursday evening to deliver a major address to Canadians:

And don’t forget to tune into Liberal Live starting at 6pm Thursday to watch.

Thank you.

Chrystia Freeland

Co-Chair, Liberal Economic Council of Advisors and MP, Toronto Centre

P.S. We also accept donations by phone at 1-888-542-3725, Mon-Sun, 9am to 7pm ET (if you have trouble getting through, please try again).

I’ve asked Millar for comment and will update if he replies.

Update: Thank you to for sending me the tweets in which Millar apologised directly to Freeland for his comment


Update: Thank you to for sending the tweet below where Conservative MP Michelle Rempel came to Freeland’s defence

rempel millar freelandClassy of the Liberals and Freeland to lie and slander the party whose MP came to her aid.

Update: Confirmation from Millar

millarFreeland has two choices, she can either denounce her party for lying on her behalf or resign.


5 Responses to “Liberals lie about Conservatives heckling MP Chrystia Freeland when it was actually a journalist”

  1. bocanut Says:

    She was just following fellow ex-pat Count Michaels instructions to “rise up”

  2. guffman Says:

    “You start to ask a question, and all of a sudden everyone starts shouting at you.” You mean like Justin Trudeau himself yelling out “You piece of shit!” to a Conservative MP in question period? Have you ever watched question period before Chrystia?
    She’ll make a good Trudeau Liberal, starting with lies right out of the gate.

  3. Jen Says:

    Liberals do not apologize; its beneath them.

  4. Martin Says:

    Freeland might want to have a chat with her colleague Carolyn Bennett on the subject of heckling women in the house. I researched Hansard recently and it was there, I believe Feb 2009, a point of order accusing Bennett of mimicking the girlish voice of one, Helena Guergis trying to make a statement. Bennett denied it of course, but a CPC Minister raised the issue in a point of order.
    At the time Guergis was still a CPC Minister and therefore beyond the pale as far as Liberals were concerned. This was commented on at the time, but not in the MM as I recall. They, Bennett or Freeland certainly wouldn’t admit it now, but Hansard has the record.

    • Liz J Says:

      Freeland and Bennett are both very animated, hope they aren’t seatmates, they could do each other damage.

      Liberals lie, they will continue to lie when the truth doesn’t fit with their agenda. People still fall for their lies, Ontario is the the primo example, they elected McGuinty then re-elected him three more time on lies and more lies, for stupid voters it works, they’ll keep on doing it, it’s business as usual.

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