Liberal’s star candidate General charged taxpayers $72,000 for moving vs another General’s $468


The Media Party, Liberals and military defenders of Lt-General Andrew Leslie have some serious explaining to do after Global News released the list of retired Canadian Generals’ in-city moving expenses:

  1. LGen Leslie (Ottawa to Ottawa) $72,225.86
  2. MGen Day (Ottawa to Ottawa) $59,627.82
  3. RAdm Greenwood (Victoria to Victoria) $43,328.24
  4. BGen Rochette (Ottawa to Ottawa) $40,012.75
  5. LGen Lucas (Ottawa to Ottawa) $38,970.68
  6. BGen Bigelow (Comox to Comox) $35,783.57
  7. BGen Ward (Ottawa to Ottawa) $25,928.41
  8. BGen Corbould (St. Albert to St. Albert) $25,506.47
  9. BGen Cloutier (Ottawa to Ottawa) $24,608.46
  10. BGen King (Ottawa to Ottawa) $20,272.66
  11. BGen Labbe (Kingston to Kingston) $10,696.19
  12. LGen Arp (Kingston to Kingston) $6,805.39
  13. MGen Hines (St. Catherines to St. Catherines) $468.60 (see here)

Dying to hear how Major-General Hines only charged the taxpayers $468.60 compared to the trough feeding of Leslie at $72,225.86.

Also: See earlier post on how the Media Party came out swinging trying to protect Leslie here


11 Responses to “Liberal’s star candidate General charged taxpayers $72,000 for moving vs another General’s $468”

  1. Liz J Says:

    It’s beyond outrageous, it’s scandalous. How in the name of honesty and respect for taxpaying people can this be justified?
    Many of the working people who pay for this stuff through tax dollars have had to use rental trucks and friends to move themselves.
    I don’t want anybody in the government of this country who would rip off people for that amount to move from one house to another in the same area. How would such people have respect for our money?

  2. Martin Says:

    Latest revelations point out that Leslie’s daughter worked for the firm which pocketed a large part of the 72 grand in realator fees. This was not mentioned yesterday by Leslie or any of his media supporters. Is this also acceptable and above board?

  3. paulsstuff Says:

    Actually this story is just getting started. McGregor on Solomon let it slip that Leslie’s daughter got a job with the relocation company right after the move. Funny that eh? Guy didn’t know any of the details or costs involved yet knew who to call in the company to get his daughter hired on. That’s the same company who twice got the tendered contracts under Liberals in 2002 and 2004 and both times it was discovered it was a rigged bid.

    Google Royal LePage relocation scandal.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Pure coincidence!

    • Liz J Says:

      I agree this is just getting started, dots are being connected, this could become quite a scandal with the potential to affect the General’s foray into politics. A lot of the midnight oil will be burning, people want to know where all that money went, what could it possibly have been used for, even $5000 dollars would be high for a short move within the same city.

      The Conservatives should go easy on their attacks on the General, they can ask questions, watch the Liberals squirm when they can’t defend the indefensible as this unfolds especially to the middle class Trudeau is courting with his smarmy ideas with no plans how to enact them.

  4. Bubba Brown Says:

    After all the leftist bomph about the Conservative Senators non stop for the last year, we don’t need to attack, just ask questions.
    The moving policy was not put in place by this Government,
    It needs to be looked at.
    It is not like the Liberals don’t have a very big closet full of skeletons.
    They have controlled the Senate for what 65 out of the last 70 years?
    The Liberal Senator accused of improper behavior.
    Have not heard anything about that
    The Liberal Senator in jail.
    That does not interest CBC/CTV?
    Max Harb and his magical .01 percent of equity as an anchor for a mortgage.
    I think that there is much, much more to come.
    Junior Trudeau casting his loyal and faithful senators under the big red bus will not make this go away.
    The faux outrage over entitlements is way over the top.
    It is after all our money.
    We are entitled to know who is enriching themselves, and apparently their families as well, at our expense. JMO

    • Liz J Says:

      Has anyone bothered to research the legality of Trudeau’s little magic trick/abracadabra, no more Liberal Senators?
      Are they not sworn in with party affiliation, isn’t that how the Senate works when it comes to voting on legislation passed from the elected House?

      As for the exorbitant amounts claimed by some Military brass for a last move after they retire, it’s obvious the policy is not being taken care of when it can be so badly abused even by people we hold in high esteem having served our country. I know some older Vets who could use a few more bucks for their final years, this is another mess for the Conservatives to deal with, it’s obviously been going on for some time, Leslie is the first to be outed.

  5. wilson Says:

    ‘I just followed the rules!’
    Gen Leslie gained $600k from the sale of his home and dinged taxpayers with huge real estate fees.
    Yet our soldiers forced to move, at a loss, are going bankrupt. The rules are not fair and need a big work over.
    Trudeaus star candidate, like himself, is a 1%er.

    • Liz J Says:

      The good General should have a bit of money left over to upgrade/update his newly acquired abode. Any moving company that charges that kind of money to move a few minutes down the block would not be in business long.
      We need to find out how much the mover actually charged, it’s our tax dollars, this is key information. Did someone get a chunk of that money for nothing a the discretion of the General from simply “entitlements”?

      • Martin Says:

        It seems that the majority of this expense is realator fees, not the moving company at all. On Solomon last night they were talking about $60,000, which would be about right considering the house that Leslie sold. Even McGregor in the Ottawa Citizen reported today that the firm collecting the fee turned around and hired Leslie’s three weeks later. The general, or maybe Trudeau has some explaining to do.

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