CBC’s Laurie Brown emceeing gala event for law-breaking Environmental Defence

laurie brown

Sun News’ Ezra Levant has exposed CBC’s Laurie Brown working with another anti-oil sands group.

laurie brown evironmental defence

Brown is acting as the host for Environmental Defence’s upcoming fundraiser which has been found to have operated illegally under the Charity Act by the CRA (watch video here).

envitonmental defence

A couple of weeks ago Levant outed Brown for not only organizing her CBC co-worker David Suzuki’s mock trial but also offering taxpayer-owned materials to the anti-Conservative group putting on this stunt (see here).

Looks like Brown has made some sweet side money cozying up to anti-oil charities and the CBC of course has no problem with the ethics of her doing so.


3 Responses to “CBC’s Laurie Brown emceeing gala event for law-breaking Environmental Defence”

  1. Liz J Says:

    Moon lighting perhaps? Not enough in the CBC pay packet?

  2. Martin Says:

    No surprise here. All the demands from 2 weeks ago that she be suspended, made to repay the rental fees, chastised by management, have had no effect whatever on her actions. Simply put, she thinks she has done nothing wrong, and obviously CBC management agrees with her. She is not donating her time and CBC properties to a cause that management doesn’t believe in, like say WindConcerns Ont. or REAL Women; that would be seen as a problem.
    People like Brown, or Terry Milewski do what they do only because they can get away with it. Despite numerous complaints to the ombudsman about Milewski reporting, he continues to mug, roll his eyes and sarcastically comment on news items relating to PM Stephen Harper. With these two, and many others,CBC’s mandate for objectivity is exposed to be a joke

  3. Pissedoff Says:

    Well Harper doesn’t have a problem with it also.

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