National Post’s Andrew Coyne column a case of shilling for Liberals or just incompetence?


In his latest column Andrew Coyne vigorously defends Liberal Andrew Leslie and condemns the Conservatives for daring to question his integrity for expensing $72,000 to move a few blocks:

Possibly Andrew Leslie, had he known what he was getting into, might have thought better of this whole politics game. The former Canadian Forces general has been the subject of unrelenting criticism since it emerged that the military had picked up the costs for him to move house after he retired. I doubt he has ever before had his integrity so publicly questioned. It must be an unsettling experience, especially coming from a profession that places such high stock in notions of personal honour — unlike, say, politics. (see here)

But apparently the National Post’s top columnist didn’t do any research because Leslie had his “integrity publicly questioned” quite recently at a war crimes tribunal for his actions in Croatia where he was accused by the UN of not telling the truth about shelling targets and having two subordinates lie for him:

How embarrassing huh?

The question Coyne now needs to answer was whether he intentionally omitted this very public record to protect the Liberals and damage the Conservatives or is so completely incompetent that he does zero research before writing a column – his choice.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    Defending Leslie for taking taking $72 grand to move a few blocks is to defend the indefensible, something he wouldn’t be doing if Leslie were a Conservative operative.

    As for researching Leslie’s public record, again, that would only be done if he were Conservative, he would have combed the depths in search of any damaging evidence and it would be headlined. In this case it’s either willful blindness or incompetence.

    This is the sort of tactic that has worked for the Liberals for decades, skirt or hide the truth when it comes to damaging facts.

    All’s good in Justin’s Liberal party, they’re riding high in the latest polls heading into their convention/love-in for their chosen one.

    God help us all….

  2. Mary Hines Says:

    He is just keeping with his usual “standards”… you are not on Peter Mansbridge’s panel unless you “bash” the Conservatives – so it is now entrenched in his blood!

  3. manitoba fay Says:

    When has Andrew Coyne ever used solid facts when writing an a column. Same old, same old for the elite in the media party. Canadians deserve the facts. Thankyou BCblue.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Coyne is fully aware that I caught him out on this

      • a Says:

        That’s fine that he is “aware”; kind of a toothless repercussion. The real question is how do we make him pay for being a camoflaged liberal operative masquerading as an ‘objective journalist’.. IS there such a thing anymore…or was there EVER such a thing in the old Family Compact/Laurentian Consensus ‘Kanukistan’?

  4. T. Sawkins Says:

    I am afraid the pc flag is waving in the wind as it turns against these honourable Canadians who have served our country. To think that they are home and under battle – and not just Mr. Leslie – is almost unbearable. Look at the benefits and see if they need to be changed. If they do then it is government incompetence that has allowed this. Take some responsiblity for a change. This is just getting absolutely ridiculous. From your own playbook:
    “Implementation of the BC Conservatives’ Spending Smarter initiative, designed to find financial savings with strengthened legislative oversight of government expenditures;”
    Currently I cannot find a place to land in our political landscape. I am a political floater. I want a single party to step up and stand by honourable goals for Canadians.

    • BC Blue Says:

      What a load of crap.

    • a Says:

      There is NOTHING “honorable’ about what Leslie has done ‘on the sly’ to the fair minded Canadian taxpayer.


      Appalling lack of judgement at the very least.

  5. ohboy Says:

    Either the LPC is as stupid as they appear or they really believe in fairy tales.
    This guy is toxic politically and its only going to get worse for them/him. There’s enough political hay here to make any opposing party eternally happy should they have the b*lls to use it.
    Leslie appears to be quite content in not knowing “what is going down around him” …a most unusual approach to a career by a person who made very high rank.
    Not knowing the particulars behind a Meritorious Service Medal For Outstanding Leadership and from my understanding, accepting it … to not knowing the particulars to his rather co$tly cross town sojourn to new digs courtesy of the Cdn taxpayer.
    Just another snout at the trough ?

  6. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is an incompetent Liberal shill… thats clear and has been for quite some time… he is also a self important, hypocritical twit.

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