Macleans’ Paul Wells defence of Liberal Andrew Leslie shot down in flames

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You have to love when a Liberal-friendly columnist, especially one with such a massive ego like Macleans Paul Wells gets his words shoved back down his throat.

When the story about Liberal star candidate Andrew Leslie’s $72,000 in-city moving expenses was revealed, Wells immediately jumped to his defence by attacking the Conservative’s Jenni Byrne:


Besides being a distasteful partisan shot unbecoming of any journo, the emails released by the Conservatives today show Leslie actually contacted Byrne looking for a political job:

Harper’s apparent divisive approach did not seem to bother Leslie in 2012, when he approached former Conservative Party executive director Jenni Byrne — widely seen to be one of the most rabidly partisan people in Harper’s inner circle — about life in politics.

“I am out of the country with my corporate team for about the next three weeks, off and on. When this settles down I wonder if we could talk about option B, continuing to serve my country but not in uniform,” Leslie wrote on Sept. 4, 2012.

“Would love to sit down and chat again,” Byrne, who now serves as Harper’s deputy chief of staff, replied the following day. (see here)

Hope the cot Wells made for himself is comfy.

Also: See earlier post where I catch the National Post’s Andrew Coyne making up stories about Leslie here


19 Responses to “Macleans’ Paul Wells defence of Liberal Andrew Leslie shot down in flames”

  1. Lloyd Snauwaert Says:

    This is way too skizlibby…

  2. bocanut Says:

    Has Leslie forgotten that his beloved Liberal party tried to score political points by accusing the Canadian forces he was leading of war crimes?
    I can’t see how any soldier with an iota of self respect could support such sleazy accusations let alone join his accusers.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yup…Bob Rae, John McCallum, Ujjal Dosanjh

      • bocanut Says:

        Leslie worked for a private company for less than a year after retiring from the Candian Forces.
        Leslies is quoted as saying-“I will continue with my new corporate Canada job which is based in Ottawa with CGI and is fascinating (talk about lean overhead —”
        It seems Mr tough army guy couldn’t handle the lean overhead so he went looking to the Conservatives for a public teat sucking position and when he didn’t get what he wanted he decided he was a Liberal.
        Now he’s running away from media scrutiny like his dear leader Trudeau Junior.
        He comes across more like a spoiled army brat than a national hero.

        • Sean M Says:

          I’m sure it’s simply a coincidence that Leslie worked for CGI, the same company responsible for the disastrous “Obamacare” web-site.

    • WTF Says:

      These Generals that came through the ranks over the last 30 years did so by being politicians and UN mouth pieces, not soldiers. Lew McKenzie is one exception. He did try his hand at politics but his shoot from the lip style didn’t fit. It fit for me but alas not many others. Probably best that he failed at politics. Saved him from having to compromise his principals.

  3. Liz J Says:

    Leslie is in the right party, but the very fact he’s joining a party that treated the military so badly, including accusations of war crimes, questions his judgment. He served the country, fine, we thank him. He slept on a cot, fine, soldiers in the field do not sleep in beds, pretty pathetic bit from Wells who is obviously short on words in defense.

  4. Robert Says:

    We have included your post in our ‘Around the Blogs’ section at

  5. Bubba Brown Says:

    Well how quickly a story changes,
    I well remember the sleazy accusations slandering our troops without any proof.
    There were no apologies then or now.
    Mr Leslie has made some statements that do not appear factual.
    He has made his cot and chosen his camp may he enjoy both of them.
    Anyone suggesting this 4 minute move is a “Conservative smear” should provide some proof.
    If they can’t it is just another “Liberal skidmark” on the silk shorts of entitlement.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Leslie admitted in yesterday’s scrum that he had no proof it was really a smear, didn’t stop him from having it in his speech though. What a liar

  6. Martin Says:

    According to Andrew Coyne in todays column, Leslie revealed that he was courted by “several” other parties. Coyne commented he was too clever by half which seems accurate. Really interesting to know who the other parties were, perhaps they will e-mail the convention and tell us.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Poor Andrew Coyne, he walked into the Liberal convention to find the party he supported to be a socialist nightmare under Trudeau

      • bocanut Says:

        Andrew Coyne is Trudeau Junior’s step uncle.
        Did Trudeau invite his daddy’s love child who’s Andrew’s neice and leadership contender Deborah Coyne’s daughter to the convention?
        So much for family values and unity.

        • Martin Says:

          With due respect here, Andrew and Deborah are 1st cousins, so her daughter is not too closely related. As I mentioned before, one is not responsible for one’s cousins political actions. Coyne was quite critical of Jr in the leadership contest.

      • Liz J Says:

        Yeah, he has no proof of a Conservative smear perhaps because there wasn’t one? However, it fits with the party he joined for him and them to smear Conservatives even though Justin says he is above fighting dirty, doesn’t believe in attack ads,yada,yada.

        As things have transpired, I wouldn’t want Leslie in the Conservative party thanks.

        BTW, what’s Mulcair up to, has he sent in a few clowns to “spy” on the Liars’ Club? He’s awfully quiet which fuels suspicion.

  7. Mary Hines Says:

    All the “little liberal connections”… I had no idea Andrew Coyne was a sister to Deborah Coyne!! Nice liberal connection – would Andrew dare be negative on Peter’s liberal panel about his niece’s half brother?….. and then there is Bruce ….. his little girl works for Trudeau….. I guess the story is true, you don’t get an invitation to appear on that show unless you have deep rooted liberal connections so you are sure to give negative comments to the negative questions Peter always puts to the panel against the Conservative Government!… What a joke!

    • BC Blue Says:

      Easy to ask which journo isn’t married to or friends with a Liberal!

    • Martin Says:

      See above Andrew and Deborah Coyne are 1st cousins not siblings, Of course Jr and Andrew have no connection at all. I believe Andrew supports the LPC, not necessarily Trudeau Jr.
      and not the directions the party is headed in.

      • a Says:

        Look Martin as a journalist Coyne is supposed to be OBJECTIVE; not supporting any political party..that’s supposed to be HIS JOB.

        He is an utter disgrace to journalism.

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