Same Daljit Singh Kalkat who gave award to Trudeau now charged with immigration fraud?


Daljit Singh Kalkat (pictured above) has now been charged with immigration fraud:

Daljit Singh Kalkat — who investigators have concluded provided advice to more than 250 people while acting as an immigration consultant — faces a March 3 court appearance in Montreal, the Canada Border Services Agency said Friday.

Kalkat was president of the India Canada Organization until fall 2012, and a prominent member of Montreal’s Indian community.

He was also known as Baljeet Singh Wadyal. (see here)

I’m curious if he is the same Daljit Singh Kalkat seen here on stage giving Liberal leader Justin Trudeau some sort of award?:

daljit-singh-kalkat trudeau

Notice the banner behind them is from the same organization that Kalkat was president.

Seems pretty likely this is the same person no?


3 Responses to “Same Daljit Singh Kalkat who gave award to Trudeau now charged with immigration fraud?”

  1. Jen Says:

    O/T, the ndp are distributing senators bingo cards with the headline ‘can you guess who they are’
    And I ask ” which one of all the senators ran as a ndp senator but was rejected by NDP leader Jack Layton?”

  2. Liz J Says:

    Looks like the same person but hard to discern from pictures. We need to ask why people change their names or take aliases, there are reasons, not all of them good reasons.
    Do people with legal problems gravitate to the weakest political leaders? What was the nature of Trudeau’s award? Can’t imagine as the leader of the third party he could have done anything spectacular to this point.

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