National Post’s John Ivison omits sordid history of Liberal’s keynote speaker

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I would really love to hear explained how the National Post’s John Ivison can write a column on Larry Summers’ appearance as a fiscal expert at the Liberal convention (see here) and miss mentioning his Harvard past and fiscal record.

It’s well-known that Summers was forced out of the Harvard presidency for making comments deemed by many as hugely sexist (see here) but most telling was Ivison prattling on about his economic credentials without letting his readers know about Summers’ life on Wall Street and as presidential advisor:

And Summers has made a lot of errors in the past 20 years, despite the eminence of his research. As a government official, he helped author a series of ultimately disastrous or wrongheaded policies, from his big deregulatory moves as a Clinton administration apparatchik to his too-tepid response to the Great Recession as Obama’s chief economic adviser.

Summers pushed a stimulus that was too meek, and, along with his chief ally, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, he helped to ensure that millions of desperate mortgage-holders would stay underwater by failing to support a “cramdown” that would have allowed federal bankruptcy judges to have banks reduce mortgage balances, cut interest rates, and lengthen the terms of loans.

At the same time, he supported every bailout of financial firms. All of this has left the economy still in the doldrums, five years after Lehman Brothers’ 2008 collapse, and hurt the middle class. Yet in no instance has Summers ever been known to publicly acknowledge a mistake. (see here)

Tell me how a columnist who brags about playing tennis with Mark Carney (see here) still has a job at the National Post for missing these obviously important details?

Also: See earlier post on me catching Andrew Coyne doing the same with Andrew Leslie here



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  1. DAVID WEUM Says:


  2. Liz J Says:

    Maybe Ivison is more interested in keeping his job than giving out any damaging reports on what appears so far a Liberal train wreck they’re billing as a convention. IMO the National Post has joined the Ottawa Citizen and Toronto Star as left wing trumpets. When that happens you really can’t count on getting the whole story even when it is relevant.

    When it comes to economics I fail to see any “experts” who are part of the Trudeau LPC at this time. John McCallum?
    Freeland who wrote a couple of books on rich people?

    It’s unbelievable Trudeau could be up in the polls as a possible leader of this country, he’s like a limp noodle when he speaks compared to the solid demeanor of Stephen Harper. I shudder to imagine the two of them debating under a fair moderator free of set up questions.

  3. Pissedoff Says:

    Even Coyne is not impressed
    Quote: A small sample of the resolutions before the convention (almost all of those proposed to date have passed) would include: a National Transportation Strategy, a National Energy Strategy, a National Grid Strategy, a National Manufacturing Strategy, several National Strategies for Childhood Development, a National Framework for Mental Health, a National Action Plan on Disability, a National Water Policy, a National Pharmacare Program, a National Youth Jobs Strategy, a Science-based Innovation Strategy and a Transformative Canadian Infrastructure InvestmentPlan. This last was undersigned by the Liberal caucus, which means Mr. Trudeau, and leaves no doubt that it would entail a great deal of additional public borrowing: 1% of GDP, or $20 billion a year.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, as mentioned on another post:

      “Poor Andrew Coyne, he walked into the Liberal convention to find the party he supported to be a socialist nightmare under Trudeau”

      • Mary Hines Says:

        I had no idea Andrew was Deborah Coyne’s brother! No wonder he is invited to participate weekly on “Peter’s Love In” for Justin Trudeau. Guess it would be pretty hard for him to bash anything liberal…. AND Bruce’s daughter works for Trudeau…. nice cozy liberal panel to play right into Peter’s liberal slanting questions! What a joke!!

    • Martin Says:

      These resolutions show just how far to the left this LPC under Jr is apt to lurch. How many of these “National” Strategies impact on provincial jurisdiction? Liberals have great respect for Trudeau’s 1982 Constitution, except when it clearly defines provincial responsibilities. Interesting how some of these would go over with Quebec Liberals.
      Left out of above list are proposals for a Dept of Climate Change and a Secretary of State for Water. Just how a federal Dept would manage climate change is left to the imagination, didn’t the party go through that with Dion a few leaders ago?
      A cabinet position for Water, again how would that impact on Hydro Quebec’s plans?
      Several other resolutions are left over from the Chretien era Red Book. Its good that the budget is self balancing, given some of these plans.

  4. Paul Says:

    Really? The best the Liberals could do? No Canadians available?

  5. fhl Says:

    the only explanation as I see it is John Ivison is wait for it a Lieberal

  6. fhl Says:

    oh oh I misspelled a word

  7. Sean M Says:

    it says a lot about the wacko extreme left Liberals that their first economic speaker is an American marxist. Having a nut case like Crazy Larry as your keynote speaker on the economy should send shivers down the spines of all hard working Canadians. The same man that advocated the repeal of the Glass Steagal act that led to the economic meltdown in the USA. Scary! It seems that Jr Turds radical handlers want to sell the middle aged boy idiot the same way they sold the liar and chief down south… celebrity style, don’t look behind the curtain though, thats where all the extreme lefty cockroaches are hiding. Liberals are truly scary ideologues of the extreme left! Beware Canada!

    • Martin Says:

      Liberals are fond of claiming ties between CPC amd various American organizations. Yet it is they who import Democrats as keynote speakers, Howard Dean addressed their convention in 2006.
      It’s OK as long as they do it.

  8. Mary Hines Says:

    Did anyone hear Fife’s report last night and watch his big smirk! – he was sooo ashamed they brought so many “AMERICANS” to tell us what to do – he didn’t know how he was going to cover – so he said – it was an indication how poorly the administration in the US got along with Canada that they were up here trying to get rid of our Conservative Government. I think they better look after their own problems… Just left the US – Obama has the lowest ratings of any President for years…. If the Conservatives brought 4 Americans up to Canada to tell us how run things – Fife would be the first to yap about it!

    • Alain Says:

      It seems clear to me that the Chicago community organiser and marxist gang will attempt to get the eternal adolescent and his party elected in order to destroy Canada like they have done south of the border. They have been very busy using all types of eco-fascists to blockade Canada in order to prevent the export of our natural resources. If they succeed in getting their man and party elected, every big of economic progress will be reversed at least by ten.

  9. old white guy Says:

    as far as his differences between men and women, well, it is the truth. yep, believe it or not we are different and have different views of what life should be about. as for him being a liberal, there is just no excuse for that.

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